Innsbruck Kranebitten Fly-In @ EGLL - 072100ZJAN18

Innsbruck Kranebitten Fly-In

Server: Expert
Date and time: 7th of January 2017 at 2100Z (22:00 CET).

Hi everybody and welcome to yet another event! This time, we are flying from London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL) to Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport (LOWI). Our routing brings us over Calais, France, continuing over Brussels then via Frankfurt, Germany and Stuttgart, Germany and finally into Innsbruck. These are not stops, only part of the flight plan from EGLL to LOWI.

Airline: British Airways (BA/BAW)
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Callsign: BAW684 (Speedbird 684)

Flight specifications:

Departure time: 2100Z
Expected arrival time: 2231Z
Air time: (above gives) 1h31m
Crz spd: M.77
Crz alt: 39000 feet (FL390)
Avg wind: 221 deg @ 25 knots
Distance: coming soon
TOD: 132 NM Distance to Dest
Block fuel: 6591 kgs (3589 kgs trip fuel, 583 kgs contingency 1283 kgs alternative (LSZH), 1036 kgs final reserve)
Pax: 120
Cargo: 6,5 tonnes
TOW: 60,5 tonnes

Flight plan:

(Updated 2018-01-07)

Gate assignation:

We will be departing form terminal 5 at EGLL meaning that there is a restricted amount of gates available for this event. The following gates will be utilized for the event and more will be added in case of high demand.

1st priority

Gate 506: @Samuel123abc (that’s me)>
Gate 507: @scandinaviangroup
Gate 508: @Felix_Maroni
Gate 509: @mbmhwue148
Gate 511: @Harun_Koyuncu
Gate 512: @NERMAL
Gate 513: @ItzEhs
Gate 515: @John_Ryan
Gate 518:

2nd priority

Gate 523: @Ironman_Ballets
Gate 522:
Gate 521:
Gate 520.
Gate 519:
Gate 501:
Gate 502:
Gate 503:
Gate 505:

Choose available gates at LOWI.

Flight plan and block fuel are as I said subject to change, so even if you do sign up now (please do, no problem with that) I strongly recommend you to check on thsi thread a few hours before as I will update the flightplan and runway usages by then.

That’s it. If you would like to participate just drop a reply below and I’ll for sure add you. Have a great day!



I can participate, but is it possible for me to use a Monarch 757? It was the first aircraft I flew into Innsbruck with IRL and if I could use it then that would be great.

It’s just that I have flown this route many times and always in a BA A319. I would like to spice things up a little that’s all.

I suppose that’d be OK, though I’d love to keep this as realistic as possible and the BA A319 is the closest I can get. Monarch is gone now unfortunately so that also removes from the realism.

But I guess I could make an exception. You’re in.

Ok thanks. I will use the '319 but I was just recommending you add more avalable flyable aircraft for the event, as BA also offer an Embraer route from EGLC.

Just an idea:

Add a choice for the event to fly from EGLC in a BA Embraer or from EGLL in an A319. More people would join then.

As Innsbruck is one of my favourite airports (we fly in there to go skiing in the small village of Obergurgl, Austria) , I want this event to do well.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will consider them.

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Check the post edit lol I meant flyable not flybe.

But flybe does offer an Embraer route from Southampton, sooooo…

@Samuel123abc nice one, I‘ll join in xD

Sure! You’re in :) have fun

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Can I have a Gate please ?

Cool, I can come…👍

Can i have a gate? .

Y’all have been given gates, see the original post for one ;)


It’s possible I might come depend on the expert sever availability for me

Sure, added you to the second priority stands ;)

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Can’t make it as this is on expert (and the new rules forbid my entry). You’d probably get more members if you put it onto TS or Casual.

Can i get a gate also plz

That unfortunately won’t happen, I’m sorry!

Sure! Added you to the gate list!

I would like to join the event. Put me for Gate 518.

Sure, you are added! :)

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