Innsbruck ILS

Just wanted to post here, that the ILS for Innsbruck (LOWI) is wrong.
On runway 26 it indicates 66° and the glide slope is not correct as well :-)

Are you able to upload a picture of the error? I don’t get what you mean.

I think the devs know about this but I’m not sure!

@schyllberg can you confirm?

Perhaps this is something you need to raise with the airport editing team.


This is not an issue. It’s just that LOWI is a bit different and we don’t support that kind of approach as of yet.


At this airport you have to fly down towards the runway at an offset angle, and then on short final make a turn to line up and land. Best to do it visually.

You’re wrong. I’ve seen it there when I made the approach.

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Are you talking about the ILS cones?