Innsbruck = Happiness @ LOWI

Innsbruck is peak.

Recently, I had a fun opportunity to spot at the world-renowned airport known as Innsbruck. Joined with me was @AndrewWu, @Transport_Hub, and @Altaria55 as we were on a quest to conquer central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein). We invaded Liechtenstein so I should say mission was accomplished. Unfortunately, a certain someone decided to delay our trip to Innsbruck and we missed a rare Chinese Xian Y-20 that morning. Everyone say “L Transport_Hub.”

Back on topic, Innsbruck was definitely the most stunning commercial airport I’ve spotted at. Towering mountains surrounded the airport as a cool backdrop along with some cool aircraft to go along with it. I have too many photos to edit from several airports (LSZH, LSGG, LSMM, LSMP, EDDM) which will presumably be edited in the coming weeks if I don’t procrastinate. (yippee)

green tea plane

A powerful E-195LR rocketing out for (probably) Vienna.

An Austrian A320 named ‘Wienerwald.’

What a creative livery on this DAT A320!

Typical NEO Engine W

After a sudden wind change, 08 came into operation giving some stunning back-taxi and arrival shots. Here’s one of the few Eurowings A320’s registered in Malta.

A TUI 737-800 with hints of it being a former Sunwing aircraft.

“The existence of EasyJet implies that there is HardJet” - @AndrewWu


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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That wasn’t the line it was “Easyjet when Hardjet shows up”


Holy cow this shot, this lighting, this angle, this aircaft, these mountains…

This is one of the best planespotting picture I have seen!


I vividly remember that line as it is also in the book of Wuuuvelations 5:12.

Thanks a bunch! The time was just right for the sun to make a nice impression, it gave a great finish to the already awesome background.

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Stunning photos. I forget if we stopped at St. Gallen Airport on the way there. Refresh my memory, please.


We did not stop at St. Gallen Airport.


Nice Kam! Did you climb mountains while you were there?

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The Las Vegasan in me was already nearly freezing due to hypothermia so unfortunately, mountain climbing was not a great idea to me, though I would probably do so on my next trip. Seems like a fun place to snowboard.

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How cold was it? Couldn’t have been less than 32 degrees

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Some parts, it was only 25-40F. I’m adapted to 120F weather though lol

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No we went to Payerne instead to do brick ops


Also sunwing leased TUI planes not the other way around that’s not the TUI livery

Actually, G-TAWV is borrowed from TUI, by Sunwing, seasonally.

Isn’t that what I said

oops I meant that’s not the SUNWING livery not TUI lol

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yes but this just makes my statement correct then of it being a former sunwing 737-800 mr. wu

Andrew Lu

Sunwing tends to be a bit silly lol


You’re a bit silly

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where did the rest of the rudder go!

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They’re all excellent like always but jeez are those last two just so beautiful.

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