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I was flying back to innsbruck from venice in my dash. When I began to decend and approach to Innsbruck I noticed two A319’s flying in from Frankfurt one was saudi and the other was Lufthansa they were flying vertically and horizontally. I understand that Innsbruck is a challenging airport to land at escpecially on the runway 8 approach but if you want to fly to Innsbruck and you’re not very experienced or have never flown to Innsbruck there is always Solo mode to practice on or the training server. Anyway I exited the runway and watched the Lufthansa A319 float the plane down half the runway then stall onto it. The saudi aircraft then “nose-dived” towards the thresh hold before pulling up and climbing away from the airport. S/he then went on to land on his nose gear before overrunning the runway and then taxiing back onto the runway and to the gate. I’m not the best pilot on IF but if I am not sure about how proffesionally I will carry out a flight I practice on solo.

Credits to ; Blue Sky Aviation


Funny Story LOL love that PIC


Thank you :)

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I do agree. Innsbruck is actually a really nice and challenging approach. To me the descent to The Valley (via Kufstein) is amazing.

cool story lmao ;D

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