Innsbruck Controlling Guide

Today’s FNF features Innsbruck, also known as LOWI. Flying into Innsbruck is very fun and challenging, but controlling can be even better. I hope you all take the opportunity to control and fly there today. It’s definitely worth it!

My goal with this topic is to encourage and help other controllers service Innsbruck. Please keep in mind that this is my personal method of controlling LOWI. I’m sure there are many other functional plans, this is just the one that has worked best for my purposes.

Innsbruck Controlling Guide

1. Airport Info
2. Tower
3. Departures
4. Arrivals
5. Missed Approaches
6. Miscellaneous Items

Airport Info

Innsbruck Airport (IATA: INN, ICAO: LOWI) is 4km from the center of Innsbruck, handling regional flights around the Alps. Its approach is quite challenging, as pilot must navigate a 2.5nm wide valley often covered in fog. Sometimes, pilots won’t be able to see the runway until they’re at minimums, just before it’s too late. Below, you can find the airport’s charts in the form of a PDF.



Item Meaning
Red Line Arrival Exit Points
Purple Line Departure Taxi Route

Controlling Innsbruck Tower and ATIS can be challenging if the ground is full and the inbound count is large. Both runways may be used, so when Runway 26 is used for arrivals, it is also used for departures and vice-versa for Runway 08. However, there are a few noteworthy things that set Innsbruck apart.

Limited Taxiways – There is only one mainstream taxiway at Innsbruck and one main runway exit. The Tower controller may need to utilize their progressive taxi commands to deconflict risky situations.

Airport Diagram and Ground Layout


Back Taxi – There is a large chance that aircraft will need to back taxi upon arrival. If they cross the exit point, feel free to give a back taxi instruction rather than an exit instruction.

Runways – I’d recommend that controllers only use Runway 26/08, as the other two smaller runways are for gliders in real life. However, feel free to use them for general aviation aircraft, as the runway sizes are still doable for most.



Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 2.00.13 PM

@ Vector Speed
Initial Contact Direct to WI529, 11000ft ≤ 250kts
WI529 Direct to WI506 ≤ 250kts
WI506 Direct to WI751 ≤ 250kts
WI751 Direct to WI009 Speed at Discretion
At or above 11000ft Continue as Filed N/A

An “expedite altitude change” may be required in some instances.

This departure route is basically the approach route in reverse. Assign an MSA and vector the pilot out of the valley. In the case that a pilot as a filed departure, continue as filed will suffice from the start.

Find the Innsbruck map here. The gray fixes are for Runway 26 approach, while the blue fixes are for 08.



Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 1.50.30 PM

@ Vector (Runway 26) Speed
WI001 Direct to WI666, 7000ft ≤ 220kts
WI666 Direct to WI611, 5000ft ≤ 200kts
WI611 Direct to D0OEJ, RAIS (if applicable) ≤ 180kts
D0OEJ Visual or ILS Clearance; 230º, 4000ft Speed at Discretion
@ Vector (Runway 08) Speed
WI009 Direct to WI751, 5000ft ≤ 220kts
WI751 Direct to WI506, 4000ft ≤ 200kts
WI506 Direct to WI529, RAIS (if applicable) ≤ 180kts
WI529 Visual Clearance Speed at Discretion
Item Meaning
Purple Arrows WI001 Intercept Cone
Yellow Star RAIS Point
Blue Line Airport is Visible / Intercept Leg

For the Runway 26 approach, intercept pilots at WI001 at 8000ft. Then, descend them to 7000ft, direct to WI666. WI611 at 5000ft, ILS intercept or visual clearance at 4000ft after D0OEJ. For Runway 08, do one of two things. Bring aircraft in from the North at 9000ft, sharp turn to WI506 at 4000ft, or bring aircraft in from the West at 10000ft, descending them to 5000ft and then 40000ft, reporting airport in sight slightly before pilots are actually able to see it.

Find the Innsbruck map here. The gray fixes are for Runway 26 approach, while the blue fixes are for 08.

Missed Approaches

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.13.52 PM

@ Vector Speed
Executing Missed Direct to WI529, 11000ft ≤ 220kts
WI529 Direct to WI751 ≤ 220kts
WI751 Direct to WI007 ≤ 200kts
WI007 Left turn to WI008 ≤ 180kts
WI008 Direct to WI751 ≤ 200kts
WI751 Direct to WI529 ≤ 220kts
WI529 Direct to WI103 ≤ 220kts
WI103 Direct to WI001 ≤ 220kts
WI001 Circle to intercept WI001 @ 8000ft ≤ 200kts

Missed Approach chart may be found on Page 35 of this packet.

Missed Approach Chart


For the missed approach, have aircraft follow the departure route to 11000ft, at which point they must execute a tight turn back towards the airport. Then, following the reverse-approach path, they must turn back around to attempt the challenging approach again. The missed approach includes two tight turns where aircraft may hold in order for aircraft separation.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Make sure you know where the respective waypoints are before your session, so that you’re not searching for them when trying to vector an aircraft in.

  • Again, thank you to @ColtonS for helping me derive these exact headings, altitudes, and fixes. I couldn’t have done this if you hadn’t come out and flown for me multiple times, always offering elaborate feedback.

  • Post below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Also, let me know if any of this helps you as I’d be happy to make more for unique airports such as Juneau, Queenstown, and Madeira.

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