Inner Europe - Location 1 (Please comment ideas)

I will be putting together a list of locations to fly in Europe.
These will become ideas for new possible regions of inner Europe.
Please remember these are just ideas and I would appreciate feedback and suggestions!

Inner Europe Location/Region Idea Number 1.

Germany + Switzerland, these two areas would be connected in one region a bit like Kuala Lumpur/Singapore.

The Major Airports in Germany would include:
~Hamburg Interntional
~Berlin’s Tagel Airport
~Frankfurt International
~Munich (Bavaria) International
~Nuremburg International

The Major Airports in Switzerland would include:
~Zurich (Kloten) International
~Bern Airport (Local)
~Geneva’s (Cointrin) International

This would be a massive region so I don’t expect it to be implemented…
Nevertheless, please comment below your thoughts/opinions!



It’s good idea, but isn’t boring to fly sort of same environment. I think for snow we gotta wait for while. Would be nice middle east and India, something dry. But same time We need some extreme landing as well Madeira-Lukla Nepal- Kai tak-Gibraltar-Toncontín Honduras.


1.Rome Fumicino Airport
2.Rome Ciampino Airport
3.Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport
4. Naples Airport
5. Bologna Airport
6. Milan (Linate and Malpensa) Airport
7. Genoa Airport
8. Florence Airport
9. Venice Marco Polo Airport
There are many more, but these would be the major airports in the region.


Add Frankfurt !!!

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These are the “major” airports in Italy, which is not part of inner Europe.

Where the hell is “Nuremburg”? xD

Anyway, this is a great idea. We have lots of US regions, only three European ones, and one Asian region.

Germany + Switzerland + Austria (Vienna, Salzburg) + the North Part of Italy (Milano, Venice, Turin) … Would be great!

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Don’t forget Austria, Hungry, Lichtenstein, and few other ‘smaller’ countries that are all fairly close to each other, and in the general region.

Imagine the awesome mountain flying in this region


“Nürnberg” away in Bavaria 170 km south of Munich. “Albrecht Dürer” International Airport.
That it is an international airport, I also did not know.

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Nürnberg is north of Munich :)

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That’s right! :-(

The area that Yugoslavia was

Olbia and cagliari

Hey guys, for information, Switzerland is the most popular European region requested!

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But maybe will be to small…maybe is a great idea to do a largest region with italy,montecarlo,swiss and bavaria region.also a east Eu region with belgrade,zagreb,montenegro,budapest etc.

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My idea will be…

Germany 🇩🇪+ Austria 🇦🇹+ Switzerland 🇨🇭

Azerbajcan 🇦🇿+ Turkey 🇹🇷+ Cyprus🇨🇾

Portugal 🇵🇹+ Spain🇪🇸 + Italy🇮🇹

Sweden 🇸🇪+ Norway 🇳🇴+ Finnland 🇫🇮

France 🇫🇷+ Holland 🇳🇱 + Belgium🇧🇪

UK 🇬🇧 + Ireland 🇮🇪 + Scotland

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This sim is way overdue to add EDDF, been kinda disappointing they wont add to Amsterdam. One of my all time favorite airports i have been to. This would also be a awesome challenge to control. And to add on to your idea, Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) would be a fun one


@ChiefPilotLachy… Moved to Features, appears more appropriate. Don’t agree, move it back. Smile, Max

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