Innapropriate username | ATC Playground | KNUC

I was doing some low level flying practise in an F/A 18 and the this guy spawn in…

Can someone deal with this?


will try
if there still

Dont see him

He was in an Etihad A388.

looked around did not see him

He might be some where in SoCal.

Didn’t see him man sorry

BTW - It’s the one with the white gamer tag.

No worries… Thanks for trying!

I have seen him before in London region with a TUIFLY____ callsign.

Oh really! Did you report him?

i’m actually on final runway 23 after a long holding due to not accepting traffic due to heavy trafic

if we are +3 to report user, user are automatically ghosted

Didn’t get a pic since he left straight away

I spotted you earlier! Did you spot me? My call sign is Dreamjet.

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where are you? now i’m taxiing to parking.image

the path come from the right is not my flight.

I’m off now. I was doing low passes in an F/A 18 over KNUC and then I was flying with a Delta A330 heading towards… Well I don’t know where I was heading to…

okay i saw!

Saw you when I was holding short RWY23.

Yay! That’s my first community spot!

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if i have a good memory, i have spotted @The_simulation_nerd sometime, days ago…

i would create a new topic, for general discussion