Innacurare physics on A333, A346, A388, B757, B767, B777 and B787

On all of these aircraft I’m able to climb relatively fast when I’m fully loaded. This isn’t normal as on the A359 which is new in IF. I can’t climb super fast when I’m fully loaded. How come that all long haul planes except the A359 and B772 don’t have accurate physics?


Because they were added a long time ago and thus have inaccurate physics


I’d say two things, firstly, as @DeltaCs100 said they are older airframes, but at the same time saying a 787 doesn’t climb like an A350 and thus it’s inaccurate seems like an unsound argument to me. Not to say that it is spot on, but I’d be more suspicious if they all felt the same…

Here’s a good comparison.


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