INN to AMS In a B737-700

I recently did a flight from Innsbruck to Amsterdam Schiphol in a B737-700 KLM-2015 livery. It was an enjoyable flight with lots of beautiful scenery. Here are the photos:

Taxiing to runway 26

Back taxiing runway 26

Started takeoff roll!

Climbing out of LOWI

Arriving at EHAM runway 27

Really liked this pass!

Hope you enjoyed these photos :)


These are cool, are they part of a event or is there ATC at ANN?

Yes, ATC was present at INN. Iā€™m not certain whether the British Airways aircrafts were a part of an event though.

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Is that a long flight
Plus realy nice picks

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Love the pictures! My favorite is the last one. I can also confirm that BAVA and IPP hosted a joint event during your flight.

@Luke_King-kong No, the flight is only a couple hours (which is why the OP flew in a 737 and not a long haul aircraft). :)


Nice pictures!.. I think I saw you get off the runway at AMS. KLM 787-9 to JFK?

Love the 5th and 6th photo where you are flying over the mountains and then landing!

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