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Suppose I have two parallel runways, say 08 and 09, and four aircraft are coming in, all to 08, except one cleared to land on 09.

I clear the first one to land on 08. I can sequence the 2nd, no 2, traffic to follow on final, but how does the following aircraft know to land on 09 if I think that is advisable to maintain separation ? I can’t clear them to 09, and I couldn’t see an enter final on runway 09 either.

All suggestions welcomed :)

Enter Left Downwind runway 09 would be your best option here :)

Or Right downwind if following the aircraft on Right Downwind runway 08

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Hello! Assuming in this case no. 3 is inbound for 09, you would simply give that aircraft their needed pattern entry (Base, Downwind, Straight in). If it is separation you’re concerned about then there is a Traffic Alert message in the miscellaneous section. Sequencing is needed only for aircraft landing on the same runway.

If you didn’t understand that, DM me. Have a nice one!

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Thanks, I get it now. Daft mistake :-)

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