Initial contact?

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I was on the ATIS frequency in IF a couple days ago, and at the end of the message, it says “advise on initial contact, you have information [insert here].”

What does initial contact mean? I assume maybe when you first call a freq. you do something?

Answers will be much appreciated. Thanks!


You dont actually have to do anything. You just tune into the frequency and it should tell the tower that you have for example information Alpha. Initial contact I beleive means when you first call a frequency as you said


#1 Advise on initial contact means just that you will provide the ATIS code when calling in for the first time.

#2 When with approach just switch frequency without asking to ATIS you should be able to pick it up around 60NM from the airfield. Wait for it to start playing then, switch back to approach it will play the entire ATIS even if you switch prior to it finishing.”


you could also just click on the airport and read the ATIS info. Very helpful for flight planning


After tuning into the ATIS you will then tune into the tower and when you select a message, ATC will be advised that you have received information alpha for example.

Message out:

“Shamrock 126VA is requesting taxi to runway 28L with information Alpha”


Thank you for all of the answers, everybody! I appreciate it very much :)


no problem. Glad to help

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