Inglewood Plane Spotting

So starting this off the Cessna Part Place at HHR

Emirates A380

I know it’s JetBlue but I am pretty sure it’s the ERJ 190

Southwest 737-700

Etihad 777-300ER

Delta 717
United 737-800/900
American Eagle ERJ-175
Korean Air A380

Just because it’s an airline i took a picture of the Volaris stand

United CRJ-700

This is unknown. If anyone can find out this livery that would be nice. All I know is that it is a CRJ

Another Southwest

Asiana 777-200ER

Air New Zealand (All Black Livery) 777-300ER

United A320/A319

Delta A320/A319


Nice shots!

Nice Photos!

I think the Etihad 777 is a 772 not a 77W

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77L, it has raked wingtips

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That JetBlue looks to be an A321 btw. Nice shots all the same

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Nice shots! I believe all the triples were 200’s though! :)

Yeah, but not a B77W

Is this on an iPhone/iPad? Unfortunately Apple cameras are really poor at zooming, hence the noise,

I would recommend asking for a basic bridge camera for a Christmas/Birthday unless you have the money for something. At the distance you are at this will work well.

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Etihad only operates the 77L to LAX. The wingtips are a dead giveaway, it is a -200LR

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Is this JFK

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Los Angeles Int’l (LAX/KLAX)

Oh nice! So cool👍

And another thing. There a massive ANZ 77W right there![quote=“Bulba, post:1, topic:68671”]
Air New Zealand (All Black Livery) 777-300ER

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Do you not have school to go to?

But apart from that epic pics

Might he just have planespotted after school?

So I will anwser all Questions

First Question: Etihad 777?

I can’t tell version unless it’s a big noticeable difference (ex 757-200 is shorter that the 757-300)

Second Question: iPhone/iPad? I used a horrible picture taking iPhone 4s and yes @IceBlue I will get a camera for better planespotting.

Third Question: School? Well buddy @anon91505560 it was on a weekend.

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