@-ing Laura

Why doesn’t anyone ever use @ Laura? I have rarely seen people @ her and have seen people just use “Laura”. Why?

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IFC doesn’t like devs tagged.


We are not allowed to tag staff.


Although it’s not a set rule in our ToS or FAQ or where ever it world be, the IFC tries to give Devs any and all peace they need to develop Aircraft, rework them, add things etc etc.

Adding onto that, usually when Laura, Philippe or anyone else gets on, it’s for the reason of talking in their private categories - discussing IF LLC, updates etc to the Team. Pinging Laura or anyone else would/could set back important communication time.

Hopefully I answered your question and/or answered it right.


We kindly ask that folks don’t tag the developers because they’re extremely busy with their work. A lot of coding is going on for the upcoming updates to include new and gamebreaking material for folks like yourself to enjoy. The less distractions that they have the sooner that the update and any other important features will arrive in your hands. The Infinite Flight staff and mods are fairly knowledgeable and should be able to answer your questions that you may have. But please note that questions regarding development of specific items may not be able to be shared. Jason, who is staff at Infinite Flight, is responsible for marketing and he’s been doing quite well keeping folks informed on the upcoming 19.1 update. Most of your questions will be addressed in the topics that he creates and posts in. Be sure to keep an eye out for that if you haven’t already. But hopefully this gives a little insight as to why it’s frowned upon. 🙂


Please don’t break my game… 😂

Add what you want, just don’t break it… 😂


Monumental? Maybe that’s a better word. lol.


Cough at the moment that would probably actually break the game cough. So no.

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