I got ghosted last Sunday and today is Sunday so I went to go check my grade and it’s still the same can someone tell me the problem or do I have to wait a bit more:/

Yeah you will have to, you have to wait exactly a week, that includes the date, the hour, and the minute (if you get what I’m saying)

So in other words, wait a bit more


Yes ik that but I contacted the guy who ghosted me and he didn’t answer me back and I had to send a replay and nothing happened

That’s not right. The controller must have responded. Can you please tell us who it was? Like @TransportForLife said, you’ll have to wait until it’s been exactly a week for your ghost to expire.

His name is liam_kirk’s

PM @Liam_Kirk.

Nvm I got it back

Are you saying that Liam ignored you?

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I think he did by there was another message it was the moderator “Marc” I think and he said to send a replay and stuff and Liam was like “thanks Marc” I think Liam didn’t do the right thing he had to contest me not contact a moderator he had to deal it himself

You were asked to send the replay, but stopped replying after that.

Let’s stick to facts, shall we? :)