Can someone please explain to me how the round waypoints (probably wrong name) are used and how I can fix my FPL to do a hold around the airport? so it doesn’t just fly off if I’m away changing a diaper

and can’t land it right that second 😂 I know the blue waypoint is used for doing a holding pattern… please be nice been a user for quite a while and I fly well just want to be better… Thanks in advance guys !


These are NDBs (non directional beacons) and function basically in the same way as every other waypoint. They’re just a bit of older technology compared to fixes.

As far as I’m aware this isn’t possible, and all holds are flown manually in IF.


@8SmartFlying is correct. Also, the blue waypoints are VORs (VHF omnidirectional range beacons) and also function the same as a normal waypoint.


ATC can also instruct you to hold over airports (which I find more common).


Unfortunately I am not aware of any way to fly a holding pattern with the A/P (as other posts confirm).
A fitting feature request would be the following one:

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If you want to circle automatically over a said position all you have to do is add 2 Fixes/NDB’s/VOR’s on your fpl over where you want to hold making sure that they are very close together so the AP tries to circle to fly those waypoints and gets confused and flys circles… add those same fixes over and over again so you stay circling for enough time!

Disclaimer: Not 100% Trustworthy but works majority of the time


Please let us know if we were nice enough 😉
If not, we will try harder. 🤗


Lol I was just throwing that in so the experts wouldn’t be so hard on me asking for some information. I don’t see an IF explanation of features, so what better place to ask and you guys were great… I just hope you didn’t mean this in a sarcastic way. Asking people to be kind is a problem ?


Nah mate, you’re good. I just had to smile when I saw you wrote that 😊
We don’t want people to be nervous about asking questions on this forum. And unkind responses to questions often says more about the responder than the question.

As long as you do your search first, ask anything. And expect kind and helpful responses.


I have nothing but respect for everyone I thought you may have found me asking humorous… I apologise if I offended you or anyone else… anyone wanna meet up and fly?

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When you enter a holding pattern as designated by ATC, a racetrack shape appears somewhere beside your flight plan; you make somewhat of a loop revolving around this extra element, and then you continue onward.

…when given vectors out of the hold.

I see a lot of people that make one loop then leave. When given a hold, you have to be taken out of it.


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