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Hi guys, i’am just thinking about when you spawn into a gate in an airport that have a ATIS it says; blablablablabla and then for example says Information Alpha what does it mean?, thank you guys forhand, good day.

Do you want to know what the ATIS means?

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nope, but just the last thing it says

like for example information lima , foxtrot bravo or something else for example

So it means what I do so say there is one type of current information and it is Alpha when the controller makes a change to that info it goes to bravo and everytime he changes it it goes on too like I changed the runways the info would go to Bravo I changed to no pattern work and the info changes to Charlie and so forth

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ATIS messages are updated frequently as the weather or operations at the airport change. Every time a new ATIS message is generated, the letter is changed.

So when the ATIS is updated it would go from alpha to bravo

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Like in the real world, we use the phonetic alphabet for ATIS. It’s a way pilots and controllers maintain organization, rather then repeat the entire ATIS to ATC, they simply say the letter they have in their first request then ATC knows they have the correct information.


thank you guys for the rapidly support, good day

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Lol I found the same thing on reddit lol

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Can somebody close the topic, 'cause i don’t know how,
They have answered the main question, thank you again. Good Day.