Information sanction Training server

I see that doing ATC on this server is very frustrating, most pilots follow your instructions, but there is always someone who ignores you and distracts the rest of the flights.
Couldn’t they be penalized by temporarily removing their flight from the server?

The Training Server is an environment for both pilots and controllers alike to learn. It can be a bit hard to discern between a genuinely confused pilot and one who is trolling, so, it would be unfair if a pilot genuinely trying to learn was getting removed.

Along with that, a controller with malintent (or a controller not familiar with ATC concepts) can easily abuse/misuse the disconnect function if there were one, and it can ruin the experience for everyone. It’s best to just ignore those who ultimately aren’t following instructions.

Ultimately, though, if you wish to experience a more professional controlling session on the Training Server, it’s best to open a Tracking Thread to gain some experience and attract professional pilots. A guide is available below.

Once you have built up sufficient experience on the Training Server, I highly encourage you apply for IFATC and control on the Expert Server. The experience is really worth it, and me personally, I haven’t looked back since joining the team in June of 2020. I’ve linked the ATC Recruiting Thread below, in case you’re interested!


Thank you for your information, I will try to follow the steps you indicate, since I see it very interesting.

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