Information ratings

Interesting, I’m going to have to try this ;)


He already explained. They release them periodically, based on condition changes, not a schedule, with each successive one bearing the next letter in the alphabet until reset.

Your commercial pilot surely knows that weather does not change only on the top of the hour, every hour. Also, you seem to be indicating some sort of 26-hour cycle, which is…odd.

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Well, thats half way correct. The new METAR is issued on the :56 of every hour, which is when the new ATIS is recorded. So in that respect, the ATIS does change on a schedule. However, we both know that weather changes when weather wants to, which is why we have special METARs, put out when weather significantly changes before the next hourly update is due. If one of these comes out, a new ATIS would be distributed also. Also, a new ATIS could certainly be recorded even if a new METAR is not published, depending on weather circumstances.

I have yet to see this occur at a rate in which you can say this happens… while it does drop every hour, saying at :56 past every hour every day is a stretch… a long stretch at that.

That may be some weather rule or expectation, but it surely doesn’t happen that way

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I mean, I would give it a -2 minute window, but Ive rarely ever come across and observation that wasnt conducted at :56 on the ATIS.

I just looked up McCarran’s and it supports this:
KLAS 300056Z 00000KT 10SM BKN250 20/M04 A3024 RMK AO2 SLP234 T02001039

Unless im misunderstanding, which is totally possible!

Yes, so we have to put the time of the Metar on the ATIS…

So the time might be :56, but I may have gotten it at :05…

Tricks of the trade, I suppose!

Here’s another fun fact…

If the ATIS broadcast isn’t broadcast for 24 hours, you restart it at alpha…

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also didn’t know that, Thanks for sharing!

(would this occur in the instance the ATIS system goes down, repairs are needed so it couldn’t broadcast for 24+ hours?)

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Also correct me if wrong, the ATIS can change if the weather changes drastically or if theres a “special”. I know when i was flying into LR they changed the ATIS three times within the hour due too the wind conditions.

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Theyre the same except for a few differences, TC and FAA run basically the same thing. One being flight planed route for TC and As filed for FAA in the pre departure clearence

ATIS is updated whenever it needs to be, kind of correspond to the hour(Fixed time interval). It’s the weather change or runway closure etc. A is usually the first and it goes down the alphabet line

Actually wrong it is usually posted from every 50 minutes to 1:10 usually I learned this in a private lesson.

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yes this can cause that or if the facility closes for that period or longer.

the ATIS will change any time there is a change at the airport. Weather, runway, braking conditions, wind shear, PIREPS can be put on there, HIWAS info, and anything deemed worthy. On nice, clear sky days, you will get one an hour. On nasty, stormy days, you may get so many so fast you have to put a blanket broadcast informing the pilots the weather is changing to quickly

"Chicago O’Hare information November time 13:55z, weather changing rapidly, contact clearance/ground/tower for current weather, rest of ATIS…advise on initial contact you have November "

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Thats what i thought. we were inbound into LR and it was information Zulu. and by the time we left it was Bravo. and that was due too do the wind conditions changing every few minutes. Thanks for clearing it up.

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Okay. I’m getting mixed signals here, and not a clear answer.

Is there a real commercial pilot (perhaps ATC?) who knows the real answer?

@THE-OP Is real life ATC i believe, His answers were spot on

From what I gather from previous posts, I understand that the letter doesn’t correspond to an hour. So basically, the letter just keep coming in order. For example, the first day wouldn’t have yankee and Zulu since there are 26 letters, but only 24 hours in a day then second day would start with yankee and Zulu then whiskey and X-ray would be cut off to start the third day.

Is that correct?

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that would be correct if there are no reasons to record an additional atis broadcast through out the day.

The letter being used does not correspond to a certain point in the day.

You can have zulu at 0100Z and again at 0400z and maybe even at 1600z. Then not again until 1800z the next day.

it just depends on how many ATIS broadcasts are broadcast. You may have 5 changes in one hour, but the weather stays the same in that hour.

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Thanks for clearing things up. ATC operation is my weak area in aviation.