Information problem

Am i the only one who can’t view other players information like when i want to copy a flp it freezes

Is this a permanent freeze or a 3-4 second freeze? My device does this too.

sometimes 3-4 second freeze

Well then this is normal, it takes a while for the flight plan to load in.

oh. are you able to see someone’s flp from destination to arrival

Not the whole destination including waypoints, it just shows a direct path to their arrival. The only way at the moment to see the whole flight plan would be to either

A.) Copy their flight plan
B.) Look on LiveFlight

Yes. Also, it froze my screen for a little bit when I copied someone’s FPL in 20.1 too. I’m pretty sure you’re only experiencing this because of server lag.

i had the same issue during the beta

i meant like the information shows 1/3 of the flight plan

Oh, that’s strange. Sometimes the information bar doesn’t scroll down far enough to show the whole flight plan, that may be part of the problem.

yeah that’s the problem bc before the beta everything was smooth

Again. Server Lag.

i haven’t flown. i was just stating the issues i had before the update was relesed

Oh. Well everything should be better now with 20.2

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