Information on the airbus A350 and A300.

In the context of a work to be done at the high school I would need to know information about the wings of the A300 and A350 airbus (profile, width, length, surface…). Only my research didn’t give me anything. Do you know a place where I can get this kind of information?


Hey there. If your search here on IFC you will find a lot of information.!

Here’s some info on the a350XWB


Also a Google search brings up a lot of results with the info you want

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The information about the A350 is readily available on Wikipedia.

As for the A300 which is a relatively old aircraft, you might want to tweak your google search instead of just entering ‘‘A300’’.


You can also see a LOT of specs here if you scroll down: Airbus A350XWB Family


Thank you for all your answers!

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