Information about the IFC - Welcome!

This is something i’ve made to give more information about the IFC, although the “Welcome to the IFC” was made, people could still have questions.

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

We certainly welcome you here, but there are some things you might need to know!

1 - What can we post, and what can’t we post?

Around here, we have certain Trust Levels (TL’s).
In every trust level, you have a selection of categories.
For example, If you are TL0, you need 2 more Trust Levels to post events.
For posting events, you will need trust level 2. At this level, you are able to post anything you want except for announcements, tutorials, and anything staff-like.

2 - I want to get to TL2, but i don’t seem to be getting it. What are the requirements?

The requirements for TL2 are unfortunately disclosed, due to something called “Trust Level Farming”. The rules are simple, be active, keep posting, liking and commenting on topics, and you’ll get there in a storm!w

3 - I want to become mod. How do i get it?

You can’t get mod instantly. Mods are picken over the ones which are very helpful, contribute to the community and show a great example to the community.
In general, showing off your skills is the key to becoming mod.

4 - My events are not successful. People aren’t signing up.

Give it a few days. Some times, try posting at times like 2 PM. The chances of seeing the event are higher. Also, try making the event creative. Try making the event look good. Make the post look great.

5 - Why do my feature requests keep getting closed? I’m TL1.

The reason why they are getting closed is because you are not TL2. You need TL2 to post in the following categories:

I hope this helped you around.

Are you looking to be an expert?

Check out these posts!

I’m happy to assist around here, and i wish everyone a good day!


This is good but don’t we have something else similar I may be wrong and it maybe something different


Nice and detailed post!

Quick Question: Is this basically an FAQ for IFC?

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I’m not sure, i guess so. I just wanted to make this so that people can understand everything more.

Like said, this is similiar to the “Welcome the Infinite Flight Community” Post, but i made this so that people can understand more.

Great post! While I think the “Welcome to IFC!” Post is more reliable this is pretty good for the new users who still don’t quite know the rules yet.

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Isnt this pretty much the exact same?


I agree the welcome to IFC post is more reliable , however, i’ve made this topic so that people which are not sure completely about everything they can understand more.

Please read my latest messages. This is more a FAQ.

It’s basically the same. No need to repeat the same things over and over again.