Info bug?

Is it just me? Or is the system bugged? Because the arrivals are showing the wrong information saying that there ar “0” planes heading to Doha and when I look on LiveFlight that there are more? image

Did you hit the refresh button at the top right? Let me check.

Yeah, I’d noticed yesterday at Manchester the arrivals was 42 then when I refreshed, it only showed 1-2. The same went for the other airports

Yep. It’s 0 on my end as well.

It shows 0 for me as well. LiveFlight shows more than 1 arrivals inbound. It’s likely a bug.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Probably a refresh bug

That’s Hamad International your looking at, Doha is right next door. Hamad is Qatar’s hub though, so that is weird

This is a known bug. There are certain airports for which the arrivals count always shows zero. The devs are aware.


Arrivals signifies how many aircraft are en route to that airport, not necessarily how many aircraft are on the ground there, correct?

Yes, that is what it’s imdicating. (Except in this case because of the known issue.)

Got it. Thanks!