Info about user (self)

Is there a way to see my own stats (landings, violations, penalties) the way one can see for others? While playing, why can’t a user click on their plane in map view to get that type of info? And in non-playing mode, why can’t a user see this info? Or is it user error?

No you can’t see this information about yourself currently.
I don’t know if this will change in the future.

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I’m at EGKK now on playground server N495MN what’s your call sign

I’m on. Tower and ground ,go back nik

Almost forgot, you can get your own info via Val’s Infinite Tracker app. Android only ATM.
I think you have to be moving for it to register though, so you’ll need a plane with AP whilst in the tracker app. Don’t try it in an F-14 like my previous attempt.

Didn’t know you were in tower, I was going to look yours up for you.
Got a hold short message from atc despite not moving and thought we had an enthusiastic Ground controller. 😆

That was just to get the info down ha