Info about spawn

Just a quick overview of airports usage in IF.

Before you spawn at any airport Please make sure all airport information like:

1-Size of the gates: You can see this from Here Just click on icon airport.

2-Size of the airport: Not all charlie airports can provide service to all airplanes. Like A380 and B777s, How to know That .

3-length of the runway: Aircraft Runway Requirements Click here .

4-Taxiways: Not all taxiways can handle big airplanes like this

This taxiway of Charlie airport and some pilots taxiing on grass and this unacceptable. You’ll heat (don’t taxi on grass). Or. (Aircraft is too large for this airport)

Just to provide the best service for all.

Hope you guys enjoyed flying in expert server.


Hi there. All the information any user needs can be found in the LiveFlight app. All airports (inclusive of Global) all current spawn points. All gate sizes. All runway lengths etc.

It is hard to get novice users to fully comprehend all this data. Some users are novices with little knowledge of charts, etiquette etc.



I just made this to the forum for some pilot to reminder or for beginner, Some beginner don’t know which airport to land in, So this will help. And there’s a lot of pilot don’t know Live Flight App.

I am also providing two other pieces of useful info

  1. Which airports have been re-edited (so that they provide more realistic layout of current real-world airports with actual gate sizes

  1. where do existing Infinite Flight Airlines fly to

This is great information to benefit everyone. thank you

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Also note, GA does not stand for Giant Airbus.

Spawn your A380 at a terminal gate.


or dont have access to the application version.

Just hope that said info is public, not just exclusive to Horizon users.


Base info is available. The additional info regarding airport charts is available through the Horizons paid subscription. If you knew how much work is put into gathering this info you would ask whether an extra $2 a month is worth it. With Global coming how could you live without it! The airline maps which I am providing just now will also hopefully be bundled into this app but in a more powerful way. Right now you have to search this forum for the info. Imagine the ability to find an airport and:

  • see EVERY IF spawn point available
  • see ALL users at this airport and what gate they are currently in
  • see the actual size for every spawn point
  • (potential) see all liveries served by this airport
  • (potential) select a livery and see what airports are served
  • (potential) other navigational goodies which may come

Yes it would be nice to have all this stuff in the app. If it was (1) would it put the price of the app up, remembering that this is a data feed and not just the base flight sim! (2) would distract the development team from focusing on the improvements we all crave such as Global, Lighting, smoke, more planes etc.

Why spend $2 a month for all this info? Why not. I use all of the time whether I’m editing an airport or flying. It is SOOOOO useful!!!


I’m bringing the features of the app (including charts) to the web - hopefully sometime soon I can release :)


Until the developers can bring what Carson suggests, we still do have some in-app tools. Basic as it may be, if you’re in a commercial airliner, at the bare minimum, you can pick a terminal gate. Maybe it’s not perfect, but you don’t need a ton of information to know not to pick a GA space.

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