InFly Airlines Group - Looking for a logo creator COMPETITION

Hello everyone! Dear Pilots, Dear Guests,

We’re extremely happy to announce you our very first competition !

InFly Airlines Group is looking for a logo creator, with a talented person ! We want a logo that represent our group (remember we fly all aircrafts in IF) that’s why we want a logo representing our following airlines :

  • InFly Airlines
  • InFly Executive
  • InFly Military

We’re looking for a very attractive logo !

#Here’s the rules :
Applicant can send only one logo
Please be original and don’t copy something

Our winner will earn a free access as an InFly grade TL2 (=Senior First Officer) and will earn 2500$Infly Money.

This user will be able to be a part of our staff team if he want !

Last thing: This competition will close on January 13th.

Our applicant have to send their logos directly by PM to this account !

Thanks all !

InFly Airlines Group


What’s your fleet? What would you like in the logo and what’s your fleet?


So we have to create 3 logos?

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What would we use $2500 infly money for exactly?


No only one

Our fleet can be founded here :

A very attractive one and if possible something representing all our airlines (military, civil, and executive)

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Little reminder ! The completion will be closed tomorrow, so don’t forget to apply !

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