Inflight User Account Issue

Hello I’m flying from HKG-LAX and on the top right corner there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and I clicked on it and it says contact support. It’s been that way for a little while now and I don’t know what to do. It also seems that it may be affecting the live server for me. I have an IPad Pro and have been in a good Wi-Fi connection for the whole flight.

Usually the account authentication warning is nothing to worry about, unless it stays there for several sessions. It won’t affect your flight. So, i am wondering why you think it might affect your connection to the Live server? :)


Because I’m only seeing one other airplane and I’m TS1. The other airplane is right near me but when I go to LAX in my FPL map I see no other aircraft. Also when I go to Live Flight app there are tons of aircraft on the map but only one on my map.

That’s probably because they are more than 100nm from you. That’s a limitation of the map, you don’t see any aircraft that is further than 100nm from you.

I barely see any aircraft around me that I see in LiveFlight app. But thank you very much for your help. It’s very much appreciated!

As i said, 100nm.
What’s your callsign and can you see the callsign of the one you can see? I’ll check LF too.

My call sign is Cathay 240 Heavy but I’m only seeing one other aircraft which is Japan Ir 86 Super.

Is this you?

You’ll probably see Asiana soon too. I don’t see any problems. This is normal.

Both pics illustrate the pics around me in IF and the ones in LiveFlight app.