Inflight Safety Video/ Announcement

I was flying from LAX to SAN on the app and was pushing back. Noticed there wasn’t much going on and there wasn’t really any safety video or announcement. It would be cool if Infinite Flight had a safety video button. It wouldn’t have to have the video it self pop up but maybe just the audio. I would understand that it would be hard to find all of the airlines safety video/ announcment so they would do the ones they could find first, then they would make a general version for the rest of the aircraft. For example: “Welcome onboard. Please pay attention to the safety demonstration of this aircraft. This aircraft is a ____ ____” etc… The voice would be the ones used for ATC. I think this would be a great feature to Infinite Flight and would add realism.

If you think we should add this please vote!

There is infinite passengers but that cost money this would be nice a free

Yes I have heard of infinite passengers but it does cost a little bit of money so this would be great indeed!

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It is a pretty good idea! Although they may not be able to get the exact safety video of a specific airline, it would still be fine just to use a default safety announcement.

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If you wanted to you could buy an add on. The one I use is In-flight assistant. Its very helpful. You can set the welcome message and a taxi message and then the message at FL100. You can also get the co-pilot call outs, my personal favorite. Here’s the thread for anyone interested.


I know but it would be better if we didn’t. I wouldn’t care if it would only up the price of pro by 1 buck but the other add one are simply too much

Quality always comes with a price. Nothing can be free and have great quality. You should probably just get Infinite Passengers.


People already spend enough time pushed back sitting behind someone who has to hold position because of it. The last thing we need is more reason for them to sit there for an even lengthier period of time while the other guy just sits and waits (and most likely barrages ATC with more pushback requests).


I don’t get what you’re saying

Um…people pushback behind people now and already take a long time to get moving. While they sit there, the person next to them can’t pushback.

Adding a video, which is done after pushback, before taxi IRL, so that’s when the Realism™ fanatics would do it, would add more time that they are blocking someone else from pushing back.


That is true however i would rather wait for that then not having the announcement at all. And that is also incorrect. Many airlines would do it in the middle of pushback but some do it after. Also many peoples start their engines after pushback so I really don’t know what all the fuzz is about. The video is usually 1 minute or a little over and starting during pushback would speed it up.

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I am not looking for an add on for an co pilot commands. However I have took infinite passengers into consideration. Do you know if each different airline requires money??

@Dart Yes each airline cost money except general

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Oh ok thank you i was wondering maybe I would buy it

yea infinite passenger is better for safety briefing but inflight assistant is better for everything else

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If you’re flying with android then it’s free:)
Or at least that’s what I heard:)

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The point is that for less powerful devices (most mobile), it could be a problem for the RAM /(CPU) now with global and the crj plus actually another app in the background? I am not convinced at all.
This feature could help a lot

But again…
Out of votes

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I don’t think FDS would add this especially because there has been lots of time put into apps like Infinite Flight assistant and Infinite Passengers, and they would not just take over what they do. Therefore I don’t think this is needed.

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This had a good base idea but personally I don’t think that this should be added.

If people want to have a safety video playing then they can just purchase IF-PAX or IF-A for only a few bucks. Also there are other aspects that we desperately need rather than a saftey video … cough taxi way lights cough.


Wow really?? Those android users…

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