"Inflight Purchases not available"

Hi, first, let me start off by saying my phone IS jailbroken and this problem is not uncommon for me. I am getting an Issue like the topic title and picture suggests, where I am unable to purchase the fighter jet F-14 pack. I’m unsure of what she the issue but I assume it’s a jailbreak detected that’s blocking my internet connection. I am literally right next to my home router, typing this on internet right now on my phone so it’s clearly not my internet since you’re reading this… Any suggestion that isn’t “unjailbreak” would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time reading this :)

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This is typically because you are not connected to the internet or you are not signed in.


Device and system? (Etc Iphone 6 IOS 11)

As the red prompt in the screens says “check your internet connection”

-Try resetting your router
-Close Infinite Flight
-Restart your device
-Relaunch the app

Report back once you have done these steps.

Edit: jail broken devices are not recommended or supported.

iPhone 6 iOS 10.2

Well I clearly have internet connection since I’m sending these messages and I signed in under the same Google account this is linked to :).

Maybe try updating to the latest version of IF

I’m sorry but we cannot assist you if your phone is jail broken and modified from the factory settings.