Inflight Graphic Settings

A couple of times this has happened to me, I would be almost done with a flight and it would suddenly crash…I’ve tried several tactics to further overcome this obstacle. Here’s so things I do…

  • in order for me to complete a flight, I have to put all settings to the lowest graphic settings.
  • I have to avoid making unecessary movements (I have to avoid touching my screen in other words)
  • If my screen freezes suddenly, I have to exit the app and quickly enter back in (without closing the app)
    My issue is, is there any way to avoid such precautions to enjoy an awesome simulator?
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What device are you using?

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I’m unfortunetly not good when it comes to devices, I am using an iPad though. I’m not entirely sure what generation😂

Does it have Touch ID? And do you know when you got it?

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Well if you have a really slow device there’s not really much you can do, apart from of course getting a faster device.

You can though speed it up a bit and reduce app freeze / crashes with these recommendations

  • before you fly restart your device.

  • clear all other apps in background to help increase speed while In app.

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Here are some suggestions

  1. Restart your device and delete and re-install the app

  2. Remove inexplicable possessions on your device

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Having to do that would mean it would be something like an iPad Air or iPad 4, like how I used to use an iPad 2 (The worst experience in my life)

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What is you storage?

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It does not have a Touch ID, and I got it like 2 years ago. Here’s a picture

According to my storage section, it says 16GB

I’ll be sure to give that a try!

Is you storage full? (Or almost)

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I believe thats a 16GB iPad Air 2, which it only has a tricore A8X processor, a one of a kind for Apple, and pretty outdated.


Freezing on the air 2 is common, I have it all the time. There isn’t much you can do but wait until it unfreezes. Leaving the app won’t help, lower your settings during long hauls, put limit frame rate on and just hope for the best. App crashes will be slightly more common but unfortunately it’s all because the Air 2 is neatly 4 years old now so it’s showing it’s age with the latest and greatest mobile application from FDS.

I agree, my iPad 2017 has crashed only once, but it’s freezed many times.

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14GB/16GB…so ya, basically almost filled

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The weird thing isn’t that my IPad Air works perfectly fine on medium settings.

@The_Geniusman, how much storage does your iPad Air have? Because you need more storage to keep in-game data, and insufficient storage can lead to lag, freezes, and crashes.

I have 128 GB of storage.