Inflight communications with other aircraft

If a addon app was being used such as IF Passengers and the inflight failures was active …one type of comm message would be declaring and broadcasting a pan pan pan. Simple messages such as a re-sending of your flight phase and intent to a specific AC would re-advise then of your general position announcements.
Also include something like "Speedbird 445 we show you in close proximity and closing please acknowledge "
then include a few options to choose from such as

  • we will proceed on current course
  • we will adjust course to increase separation
  • we ask that you adjust your course to increase separation

maybe I’m dreaming …have not had morning coffee yet

the additional comms menu could show all aircraft within a 20 mile radius just as it shows Unicom’s now.
This way you would select the AC to communicate with. An additional option would be to broadcast to all aircraft within that radius in the case of declaring a inflight emergency. This would also notify ATC in use.

This way manually “typing in” isn’t required

Being intercepted by military aircraft while simulating real world flights does happen unfortunately from time to time, even on expert server, which I personally do not appreciate at all.

There is no option to communicate with other pilots in the simulator directly at the moment. If you would like such a feature, check out the following feature request:

That’s one idea JB , I have a few others.

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Expanding the current comm drop down menu to include other AC callsigns to select from within a set distance radius lets say 20nm and then a set of preselected messages not unlike we do now with Unicom …they are dynamic frequencies also. The aircraft info already exists as we see them on our moving maps or screens. As the AC enter or depart from the contact radious area they would show up or drop off the selection menu . As you mentioned this may be impossible to do within the constraints of the current APP architecture.
When using a addon App such as IF Passengers and using the failure options …a inflight emergency could be broadcast to a “contact all flights” option within that set distance radioy

and maybe not


Sounds interesting. If the linked feature request is not fitting your ideas, to search #features for another on and if nothing fits consider making your own request.

if you see one with a GAF callsign then be sure that it will be a professional intercept and if they arent please contact me or go to the GAF IFC thread and find a GAF staff member to report it to.

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I spoke to Laura directly


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No problem, glad to help!

I was intercepted/followed by an A320 on departure from Zurich on Expert Server recently, which is not professional for sure. But nice to get to know about GAF and that GAF member‘s intercepts are professional, thanks!

I’m not concerned with the intercept unless I “should” be . I tried to indicate that in my posts .

I was not trying to ghost or report the Raptor pilot

However I was just thinking outloud about the expanding comms to a AC to AC selectable frequency in the comm drop down menu.

with a few predetermined messages.

This menu would be distance controlled and we do this when selecting a Unicom frequency now. Aircraft callsigns are also already in use when we broadcast our intent (not when using ATC controlled airspace)

I understand this may not be possible so perhaps this topic should be closed ?

thanks Doug


there are feature requests with the inflight Ac to Ac comms so go vote for them if you think its a must

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You have been ! thanks
There are always many procedures

in group forums to help us !

be safe and CAVU


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Great! Thank you and same wishes to you!
I will flag the topic to be closed if your fine with it.

What is GAF ? If I may ask.

If I understood it correctly it’s „Global Air Forces“: Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW!! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots.

But never heard of it before today.

thats interesting Julian as a retired CAP Squadron Commander I have missed out on that info.

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Was new to me as well. Cheers!

yes Rodger that

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