Inflight communications with other aircraft

Is there a way to communicate in flight with another aircraft ?

Scenario : While just passing my TOD and beginning the descent phase of my flight from MMMX to KJFK
and on track with my flight plan I was intercepted my a F22 Raptor. The F22 proceeded to close and tail until it turned red on my moving map. I was at best a nuisance
as well into over 3 hours into my flight this occured.

If it was the intention of the pilot to practice closures on a target aircraft for inflight refueling I’m not sure if using a commercial airliner descending is the best scenario. I was not in level flight.

So is there a way to communicate with the intercepting aircraft to establish intent ? If the F22 was pretending to intercept a TFR violation I was not in restricted airspace. ( I saved a screen shot). I ask not in a complaint but seeing if I had any options.

I was on the Casual Server so that may be the key.
Basically anything can happen there. So I fly at that risk.
My question to reiterate is could I have communicated with that pilot ?
thanks CAVU

Your only means of communicating with them would be by changing your display name or Callsign but we ask that appropriate language be utilized.

As far as servers go, on Expert flying to closely or through others is a ghostable offense. Training and Casual Server we don’t ghost people however we have removed people for inappropriate Callsigns or controllers that spam pilots (this is a rarity).


You could try to organize flying with another community member. That way, you could communicate using the IFC.

I was not angry or in anyway upset by this aircraft so maybe you could clarify why I would change my flight info or do it in a way that would be inappropriate .

So the simple answer is no.

Thanks for a fast response

What Levet means is being able to change your callsign. If you pause your game, and go the information tab, you are able to change your callsign (maximum of 8 characters).

However, flying very close to a plane without getting consent can ruin their fun, or take away from their respective realism. Unfortunately, on the casual server, you cannot report players intercepting you.

Ok understand, I was simulating a specific real world fight including the route. If understanding you I should fly with another member do you mean as a flight pair?

The airlines I was simulating doesn’t fly two planes together.
It ok the answer to my question is NO there is no pilot to pilot comms.

Sorry for that, didn’t imply that you would. Just wanted to make sure that users who may get upset don’t end up having an inappropriate response to the trailing aircraft. No worries ;)

The aircraft intercepted my aircraft …I was on a 4 hour flight following a Aeromexico real world flight plan in a 788 in descent from cruise altitude phase

Lol so if anyones “fun” was interrupted it could have been mine. But it wasn’t . The F22 closed in to tail out of nowhere 😉
Thanks !

F22s on Casual server like to intercept planes. It’s happened to me a few times.

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Thanks ! I wasn’t upset
Just wonder what his intentions where 🤔
At least he could have positioned himself so I could see him and wave 👍

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Agreed, most of us have experienced it from time to time. Some pilots are awesome escorts and then there’s always a few that do some silly things here and there.

would have actually cool to have be intercepted and escorted if he met me at the US Contiguous Defense Zone coming in from the Gulf of Mexico but unfortately he caught me over Virginia Beach Maryland.
Maybe next time 🙂

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Copy that

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It would be nice to be able to report on Training server though. Currently, a pilot is spamming me like crazy at KJFK. I have a screenshot of them too.

Maybe IF could include an addition category on the comms. drop down menu that could include a set of preset pilot messages from aircraft to aircraft determined by the developers/community what they would say. By typing in the call sign of the AC needed to contact comms good be establiished. The contact could be distance controlled so comms good be restricted within a set radius. Perhaps this is a foolish idea in the extent that it would be abused

If a addon app was being used such as IF Passengers and the inflight failures was active …one type of comm message would be declaring and broadcasting a pan pan pan. Simple messages such as a re-sending of your flight phase and intent to a specific AC would re-advise then of your general position announcements.
Also include something like "Speedbird 445 we show you in close proximity and closing please acknowledge "
then include a few options to choose from such as

  • we will proceed on current course
  • we will adjust course to increase separation
  • we ask that you adjust your course to increase separation

maybe I’m dreaming …have not had morning coffee yet

the additional comms menu could show all aircraft within a 20 mile radius just as it shows Unicom’s now.
This way you would select the AC to communicate with. An additional option would be to broadcast to all aircraft within that radius in the case of declaring a inflight emergency. This would also notify ATC in use.

This way manually “typing in” isn’t required

Being intercepted by military aircraft while simulating real world flights does happen unfortunately from time to time, even on expert server, which I personally do not appreciate at all.

There is no option to communicate with other pilots in the simulator directly at the moment. If you would like such a feature, check out the following feature request:

That’s one idea JB , I have a few others.

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Expanding the current comm drop down menu to include other AC callsigns to select from within a set distance radius lets say 20nm and then a set of preselected messages not unlike we do now with Unicom …they are dynamic frequencies also. The aircraft info already exists as we see them on our moving maps or screens. As the AC enter or depart from the contact radious area they would show up or drop off the selection menu . As you mentioned this may be impossible to do within the constraints of the current APP architecture.
When using a addon App such as IF Passengers and using the failure options …a inflight emergency could be broadcast to a “contact all flights” option within that set distance radioy

and maybe not