Inflight Charts

Wouldn’t be amazing to have in flight charts in IF including, detailed airport diagrams with the taxiway letters on it, SIDS and STARS charts, ILS and GPS approach charts, Terminal charts. etc there should be a button on the top right corner of the screen saying “charts” and once you click it you can chose from different types of charts for different types of airports and it will be a big help to this game if this feature was in Infinite Flight. :)

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That’s not what I was talking about. :)
Read the topic carefully.

Ok, I apologize then


No, thats alright :D

This maybe?

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I think this is a cool feature! Charts can be hard to read sometimes so we would definitely need a tutorial on how to navigate them and what different things mean. :)


How is that topic not closed the last reply was in Nov 2019?

Feature requests are exempt from that rule.

Oop sorry.

Something kind of like this in X Plane.

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I can see where you come from. But does fore flight do that? (or what ever it is called)

Yes but you have to pay for it.

But that is because these things are not free, that could put up the price of a subscription could it not?

Most of these charts are published online by aviation authorities, and can be accessed by anyone for free I believe.