Inflight breakup

Now in the game, crash only happens if you hit the ground.
But crash can also happen if there is too much g force or over speed. I think the game should add this. Crash will happen if overspeed or have large g force for a long time. This means the plane will break up in the air. Maybe the engine or wings will rip off.

Now there is a overspeed violation but at high altitude there is no rule in real life that planes cannot go fast. So there should not be a violation, it should be crash. Same when there is high g force.

The warning should come on, and after 20 seconds, like the violation, if you do not stop the plane will break up and you crash.

It’s nice
I am out of votes though

That’s a cool idea, but I don’t quite understand what’s the point of doing that.

It will be more realistic

Two points:

  1. This is a flight simulator, not a crash simulator.
  2. There should be an option to turn it off
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Hey there, there is actually a similar request already, so you might want to consider continuing there:

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Yes so flight is more realistic if you cannot do overspeed or do high g force

Generally going a few hundredths of mach over doesn’t guarantee a breakup, that is usually if you go a tenth of Mach faster than the speed of sound, I’ve read of many flights that started losing control at cruise and went Mach 1.2 or .3 in a dive, then recovered with very minimal damage to the aircraft. Same with Gs, you can go almost 12 Gs and still not damage the aircraft.

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We are a flight sim, not a crash sim. If you’re finding the lack of crash/‘breakup’ physics an ‘issue’, you’re doing something wrong!