Infintie Flight isnt responding

hi i was in my 17 hr flight and now my flight has stopped and my device says Infinte flight isnt responding

Hi there, what device are you on?

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Samsung A7 (Tablet)

Would you like to see the video of it?

Sure that would be great.

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oh i cant send it it is not mp4 lemme just turn it to gif

i am just planning of killing the program

i cant even send the gif

Try making it a youtube video or upload it to Google Drive and send a public link here

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You would need to upload it to youtube and share the link for example. No need though if you are just showing the error message?

It can be difficult to determine the root cause for something like this. It could be a fluke or if it is happening on other flights as well it is something that can be looked into by narrowing down causes.

  • Reboot your device before long flights
  • Minimize background running apps
  • try flying without 3rd party apps
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doe this work?

Not without requesting access.

I thought you killed it already. If that message appears there is a slim chance that the app can recover on its own but advised to kill the flight. Your stats will be captured up to that point.

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ah then i will just kill it

Uploading: IMG-9180.gif…

yea i killed it

Thanks for your help though @Chris_S

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Wait @Chris_S

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