Infinte Flight trip report: AC121 from CYYZ-CYVR

Hi there! Yesterday I flew across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. I highly recommend this very scenic route! I haven’t done one of these trip reports for a while, so enjoy!

Hey there! After staying in Toronto for a while, I decided to head to Vancouver for a vacation. I booked on a Air Canada 767.

I arrived at my gate, C31, after getting some food at the airport. Sitting at our gate, was our aircraft, C-GHOZ, a 28 year old 767-375 (ER). Our plane had arrived from Calgary, Canada. Here she is at the gate.

I then boarded, and sat down in my economy seat of 24A. We then waited for an Air Canada A330 to pass us, then we pushed back.
After a brisk taxi to runway 15L, we were holding short of the runway, and I saw quite a few aircraft on the ground.
We then rotated off the ground, and I decided to fall asleep after the takeoff. The meal was served during my sleep.

I later woke up south of Calgary and saw the beautiful Canadian Rockies.
After about another hour and 15 minutes over the mountains, we began our decent into Vancouver.

After our decent, before I knew it, we were on short final to Vancouver’s runway 8L.

After a 5 hour flight, we touched down and it was a very smooth landing! Welcome to Vancouver!

After a short taxi to gate 46, we powered down and deplaned. I would fly Air Canada on this route again!

Thanks for reading this! Here’s a random trip report from the past:

Have a great rest of your day!


Awesome! Loving the format! Keep it up 👍

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Thank you!