Infinte Flight night time brightness

Do any of you hate the night time flight in infinte flight, because I do, because I always have to increase my phone brightness to full level and it drains my battery. Hopefully they make it more clear to see without having to go full brightness.


I believe that hey are working to improve night flying with better lights and such. But I do agree it is hard to fly at night without the proper lights!


I agree with you. I never fly at night in IF. Hopefully once they add some realistic lights I will be able to more often.

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If you put everything on very high quality you can see a reflection of a moon, even though we don’t have one yet

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How could max brightness drain your batteries phone when it’s still too dark? Would not a daylight flight with normal adjusted brightness still use more power for the screen then?

Not unless you have a AMOLED Screen seen on most Samsung phones

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Really!¿that’s new

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It’s been there since the we’ve had Very High quality settings. Fly at night with fully high settings and you’ll see it on your aircraft and i the water. A huge white reflection :)

That makes me think they forgot to add the moon

I don’t think they forgot, it’s a small detail that doesn’t need to be added right away. Like a full fix of the floating point bug :)

I mean it’s not logic to have a reflection of something that doesn’t exist in the sim…so i think they forgot to add that small detail as you call it

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Surprisingly enough Moon and stars are part of my Wishlist

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I depart from an airport in the sunrise/sunset or day setting and switch to night once in a while, while cruising. The aircraft label colors in Live look pretty at night I must say. Brings much needed contrast to the pitch black night setting. Eagerly waiting for an improvement on this front.

Night time is dark?? Who would have thought.
As far as I’m concerned the brightness level works perfectly. That’s why it’s more of a challenge. Real would pilots don’t have brightness settings.

Brightness is fine. Lighting is whats lacking as we all know. It’s just something we have to wait for.

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