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IF Herald Next Generation!

We are pleased to announce that IF Herald will be returning but under new management and operation.

IF Herald will be a monthly news article that will be published by members of the IFC. This article will include cool new updates, new developments or WIP’s, most interesting things seen on the forum, most wanted features of the month, and lastly most impactful member of the month.

IFH is now featuring Podcasts! Hosted by @A320_Flyerboy19! These will have lots of information and Community Interviews! There is no current set upload schedule due to host availability.

On this thread you can expect to see monthly articles published here instead of on multiple other topics.

This is the start of a new beginning and would love to do it with you along side us join below:


Important Information
  • IFH is in no way affiliated with Infinite Flight LLC ©
  • TDZ News Org. ©2021 All Rights Reserved
  • IFH and TDZ are a community lead program and aren’t apart of the IFVARB
  • TDZ is a non biased news organization, All writers words and basic meaning are their own. This will possibly include their own thoughts and beliefs of an issue or idea. These views would not represent the views of TDZ, but of the writer.
  • TDZ reserves the right to deny the publishing of any articles staff sees as unfit to be published.
  • Staff/Bord Members

Great to see IFH back in action again!

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I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s nice to see blog groups on the IFC!

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It truly is!!

It started sometime last year but ended articles when summer began but it is back in full force now!

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve last seen IF Herald on IFC

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First new article should be coming here by the end of this week.

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nice to see IFH coming back, i can’t wait

Me either!! Glad your excited!

Nice to see the IFH back in business!

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Me too!!

Glad that I’m a writer!

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Infinte Flight Herald October 2021 Release!

Sum this month up in a flash by reading this months edition of IFH! It will include recent updates, new and popular features requests, and more! Read here:

Congrats to @InfiniteflightproYT for being IFC member of the month!

Also congrats to @Drummer, @Chris_Hoss, and @Jumbo-Jan for catching the eye of IFH this month and getting their photos featured!

Thanks and see you next month,


Nice to see the Herald back online, hopefully with time the quality will improve and be a proper monthly news source.

Don’t be afraid to fill it with details, it’ll make for a more interesting read.


Definitely plan on that to happen! Not a whole lot to talk about this month but next month we will be using some new tactics and ideas to push much more info!

Banners and cool new art should be in the articles soon aswell!

Thanks for the input!!!

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Nice Article it was quick and had all the latest info!

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What is IFH?

Like is at a Third-Party application, site, extension etc?

IFH is a community lead organization. We post our articles on our website and on Medium.