Infinte flight freezing up on iPad

Has your iPad always been like this or was it working before?

IT Was fine before. I don’t know if it’s softwhere or hardwere

Must be software. Are you having these issues with other games/apps on your iPad or is it just IF?

To be honest besides YouTube and school work infinite flight is the only game I play on it.

@Daniel14 @Xpira

Can you go to “About” in the app, and check what iPad model is being reported in the top left corner next to the Infinite Flight version?


It says IPad pro2 in the corner


IM in the middle of a flight. Is it ok if I look after?

Edit: is there a way I can do it without going to the main menu?

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If it’s 512gb then it’s the same version as me I’m pretty sure 512gb is only available on the second gen

Of course. No rush :)
We’ll probably need to dig around a bit with this one, most likely not a quick fix.

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Thats a bummer. Hopefully it is fixable…


It most likely is :)

As @Swiss said - it can’t be a performance issue, so the most logical thing in my mind is that there’s something in the app causing it.


Yeah. I mean you paid $1,279.00 for a tablet. You probably have the strongest iOS device…

I would shure hope so…

Could be a problem with the ram. Try hard-rebooting it.

Powerbutton and Homebutton for 10 secs.


(I know you’re in a flight rn)

I did that. Don’t know about Daniel.

Edit:it didn’t work

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Could you please try to see if this happens on Solo as well?

Ok I’ll try that in a bit…

I have noticed that a lot of people have issues with their iPad. That’s quite interesting.

In fact, the iPad seems to be running pretty unstable with IF.

Interesting…when I searched to see if this was already a topic I don’t find anything.

My iPad has been freezing too. It’s an iPad 2017, 5th generation. Very unusual. It unfreezes after about 10 seconds, and it doesn’t do it on every flight, but it does occasionally regardless of aircraft or anything.

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