Infinte flight freezing up on iPad

I would shure hope so…

Could be a problem with the ram. Try hard-rebooting it.

Powerbutton and Homebutton for 10 secs.


(I know you’re in a flight rn)

I did that. Don’t know about Daniel.

Edit:it didn’t work

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Could you please try to see if this happens on Solo as well?

Ok I’ll try that in a bit…

I have noticed that a lot of people have issues with their iPad. That’s quite interesting.

In fact, the iPad seems to be running pretty unstable with IF.

Interesting…when I searched to see if this was already a topic I don’t find anything.

My iPad has been freezing too. It’s an iPad 2017, 5th generation. Very unusual. It unfreezes after about 10 seconds, and it doesn’t do it on every flight, but it does occasionally regardless of aircraft or anything.

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A lot of people are running the graphics settings too high, and not rebooting/clearing RAM often enough.

But, i do see a few other topics similar to this one in there. Which is interesting :)

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I believe I ave 4 gigs or ram. Correct me if I’m wrong but that should be plenty.

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Wait, let me try on my iPad 2018. (Haven’t played IF with on that iPad for a long time, I usually use my phone)

Happens to me on every flight no matter which plane or which airport I am at. I have the newest iPad with the 11.4 update and everything and it still does it. It usually lasts about 10 seconds and during those 10 seconds I can hear fine but the screen is completely frozen.


same with me… has this just started happening?

It’s been doing it to me since the update.

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Well my 2018 iPad has the same issue…

Mneh, it’s not happening to my Pro 9.7 2016 ;)

I do that almost everyday so my iPad is clean for the day.

Okay, we need some consistency in the replies here.

Please reply using the following template, for those of you experiencing this:

iPad Model:
iOS version:
Infinite Flight version:
Does it happen in Solo?

Graphics settings

Rendering quality:
Rendering resolution:
Texture quality:
Limit Frame Rate:

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@schyllberg image

iPad Model: 2018 6th gen
iOS version: 11.3.1
Infinite Flight version: Latest build
Does it happen in Solo? no

Graphics settings

Rendering quality: max
Rendering resolution: max
Texture quality: max
Anti-Aliasing: oui
Limit Frame Rate: no

edit: still having issues even with lowest settings

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