Infinte Flight Forum Hangout for QnA

Hello all,

This idea has been pending in my mind for a long time and I was questioning wether it would be a good idea or not! So hear it goes!

How would it be if we The Forum Participants had a public hangout on google hangouts for QnA’s about topics of all kinds related to aviation and Infinite Flight?

Now I know people would say well trolls could be a big factor in this not working out which I totally agree with and some may say well why don’t you just a have a private session with a few trusted members but the knowledge base is very limited with that of a few trusted members!

There are so many people on this forum with such an arsenal of knowledge young or old, pilots or aviation enthusiasts! Why don’t we all share this knowledge in a 1:1 tuition sort of speak as well as posts on the forum! I think it would cut down a lot on duplicate posts etc and bring a whole new meaning and upgrade to the forum!

I also understand that child protection and privacy issues would be a factor of this not working either for numerous reasons which I think all of us understand and agree on however if we could implement some sort of rule or restriction of some sort so we can cover all of these necessary actions then I think it would be a good addition and a great success! But that’s my view! What do you think?

To the moderators and administrators feel free to edit and move this post! I felt it should be in Meta as it could be an addition to the forum so that’s where I will put it but if you think different then feel free to correct it! We all make mistakes sometimes!

Also this is an event that I haven’t seen before to my knowledge so I thought it would be a good topic to test the waters with! Can’t wait to see all of your replies!


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There is a chat plugin for Discourse called Babble, which I guess lets you chat with anyone on the forum if they’re online

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Is this like an on-demand info call-center idea


Hi all appreciate your feedback! I will do more research into the matter but for now let’s say it’s a spark that hasn’t lit the fire yet! It’s solid just to negotiate a way around every nook and cranny to get this to work!