Infinte Flight app crashing

Can someone help me because my Infinite Flight app is still crashing on long haul flight. I was trying to do a long haul flight almost 15 times but I have never started descending. My device is iPhone 7 and I did everything Infinite Flight said to do to stop the app from crashing. Please help me.

How long of a flight was it?

Please note that the advice given is not a guaranteed fix. Apart from that, there’s 2 options:

  1. Point your camera at the sky which disables the code that causes the memory leak

  2. Wait for the next update where the crashes are fixed including some extra goodies.

Never have we said the steps provided will stop the crashes. That would have been great.
It greatly reduces the risk of experiencing one though. But long hauls on an iPhone 7 is not something i would recommend either way to be completely honest, at this point.


Around 10h

Yeah that’s a bit demanding for a iPhone 7 but in the 20.1 update they should help fix some of the crashes that should come out in a couple weeks