Infinity Free Doesn’t work - Another Solution for Building a Crew Base?

Hi guys, I tried making a crew centre but the host infinity free doesn’t work, when I click on control panel, it doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you

That’s the best and about the only option you have. Give it a day maybe, it’s not unusual for it to have little hissy fits and it’ll take some time to sort itself out.

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It’s happened for a couple of days now unfortunately @KaiM

Here is a screenshot of the issue @KaiM

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Other free hostings are and if you wanna check them out.

Ahh. That happens when the server’s SSL certificate is invalid.

Click on advanced, and it should have ‘continue to site’.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any damage that may come to your computer, if the site has been compromised in any way (which I am 99% sure it hasn’t). You proceed at your own risk.

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It doesn’t say proceed to website

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Try this:

  • Make sure that your computer is the correct date and time
  • Try and access it from another device
    – If you can access it from this device, reinstall chrome on the original device.

If you cannot access it from another device, (not chrome) then it is either your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that has blocked it, or it is something wrong on InfinityFree’s servers. In that case, wait a while, and try again. Only then should you contact either your ISP or InfinityFree.

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Would be willing to use a paid hosting service?

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@Trio yes but something not pricey

I would highly recommend Netlify. It’s 100% free, usually works without issues, and can host directly from a GitHub. However, I have never tried making a crew center with it.

Check out, that’s what I use. It’s quite secure, support is great and the speed of my website is awesome. All of these free hosting services are pretty sketchy IMO, I’d never host a website on them. The security you’d receive from other hosts that are paid is much better.

Google “best website hosting” and you’ll find a lot of other alternatives that will be cheaper but good, but after the extensive research I did I found SiteGround to be the best.

They currently have a sale going on, $0.33 a month for the lowest plan for 3 months.

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