InfiniteX (Public BETA) || Remote Control for Infinite Flight


After months of development and numerous redesigns, I am proud to announce the release of the newest companion application designed for Infinite Flight.
InfiniteX allows its users to control their aircraft on Infinite Flight running on another device in the same Wi-Fi network (Local Mode) or via the Internet (Global Mode)

The application is only available to download on Android for ~$4.99. An Android device running the application can control your aircraft on Infinite Flight regardless of the operating system in Local Mode.


In Global Mode, because InfiniteX needs to send data through our servers instead of making a direct local connection, both the device that is controlling your aircraft and the device running Infinite Flight need to be on Android.



Local Mode is available to use from the moment you download the application.
After a connection has been established between the application and Infinite Flight (instructions on how to do it are in the FAQ section) you will be able to have smooth control over your aircraft and finally have a clean and uncluttered view of the scenery.

Here is a list of all the things you can do :

  • Pitch and roll control by tilting the device or with the touch joystick.
  • Speed AP / Heading AP / Altitude AP / Vertical Speed AP Control (ON/OFF, change the target).
  • Toggle APPR and LNAV.
  • Manual control over engine power including reverse thrust.
  • Send ATC messages or change frequency (limited to the first 10 messages/frequencies on the list).
  • Visualize your position, heading and flight plan through our map that includes all the airports with taxiway lines and with the gates and their names. Airport position data and the taxiway lines are not based on data from Infinite Flight, only the gates and their names are from the great Infinite Flight Airport Editing team!
  • Send FPL.
  • Change the camera angle.
  • Change the information displayed in the bottom bar of InfiniteX (G-Forces, Heading, Speed IAS, Ground Speed, Altitude MSL, Altitude AGL, Vertical Speed, Load).
  • Toggle spoilers position (Note: the app can only show if the spoilers are fully deployed if you are on the ground).
  • Toggle autopilot master.
  • Toggle gear position.
  • Increment/decrement trim.
  • Toggle brakes
  • Change the flaps position.
  • Toggle NAV / Beacon / Landing / Strobe lights.
  • Toggle HUD.
  • Toggle fuel dump.
  • Toggle pushback
  • Toggle ON or OFF up to four engines (which is enough because we currently have no aircraft that has more than four engines in Infinite Flight).

You can also surf the web and watch YouTube tutorials through our integrated browser. You can additionally play audio (music, safety announcements etc…). You can find more info about the audio player in the FAQ section.



Note: There are no audio files included with the app.


When using Local Mode pitch, roll and yaw (rudder) control will automatically be removed by Infinite Flight. To restore these controls in your device running Infinite Flight, go over to Settings -> Controls -> Restore Defaults.


Global Mode is a subscription-based service available for only ~$0.99 / month. In version 1.0 of InfiniteX, you will have restricted control over your aircraft but you can still do a lot. Here is a list of all the stuff you will be able to do :

  • Speed AP / Heading AP / Altitude AP / Vertical Speed AP Control (ON/OFF, change the target).
  • Toggle autopilot master.
  • Toggle LNAV.
  • Visualize your position, heading and flight plan through our map.
  • Overwrite FPL
  • Change the information displayed in the bottom bar of InfiniteX (G-Forces, Heading, Speed IAS, Ground Speed, Altitude MSL, Altitude AGL, Vertical Speed, Load).
  • Toggle spoilers position
  • Toggle gear position.
  • Toggle NAV / Beacon / Landing / Strobe lights.
  • Toggle fuel dump.
  • Toggle ON or OFF your engines


Please be very cautious when sending risky commands such as toggling fuel dump or turning off the autopilot. In version 1.0 of InfiniteX you do not have manual control over the aircraft in Global Mode.

The data is updated every ~10 seconds. I am looking at some options to increase this rate and enable full and smooth control in the future.

I strongly recommend to look at the FAQ section to know more about how to use Global Mode.


Now that you have seen what is available in version 1.0 of InfiniteX I think it will be useful to share some of the ideas that are currently planned for the future (I do not guarantee anything so do not expect that the features listed below all become available) :

  • Historic and statistics: the app will automatically register all the users you have met in the servers during your flights using InfiniteX.
  • VNAV.
  • More options for the map (different styles, show traffic).
  • Special commands (holds, 360s, etc…).
  • Simple PFD.
  • Chat room.


How do I use Local Mode
  1. Open Infinite Flight in your iOS device or Android device.
  2. Check if Infinite Flight is connected to a WiFi network.
  3. Check if “Infinite Flight Connect” is enabled in Infinite Flight. You can find it via Settings -> General.
  4. Open InfiniteX and go to Local Mode, ensure that the devices running Infinite Flight and InfiniteX are on the same WiFi network.
  5. Have fun!
How do I use Global Mode?

Client (necessary to receive commands and send data to our servers) :

  1. Open InfiniteX on the device that will run Infinite Flight and go to Global Mode.
  2. Click on “Client” and normally a background process will start. There will be a notification showing you that the process is running and this notification cannot be dismissed, it will disappear when the process is shut down. If the app is killed the process will shut down.
  3. Open Infinite Flight and make sure that “Infinite Flight Connect” is enabled. You can find it via Settings -> General.


Controller (this is where you control your aircraft via the Internet) :

  1. Open Infinite Flight and go to Global Mode, tap on “Controller” and you are set!
  2. Tap on the stuff you want your aircraft to do. The commands will not be sent before your confirmation.
  3. To confirm or delete your commands you need to close all the element in your interface (where the map, systems control, browser are displayed) then you will see a list of all the stuff you want to do. Tap on the “SEND COMMAND” button to confirm your commands.


I cannot pushback, how do I resolve this problem?

Release the brakes before tapping on the pushback button.

What does the orange button signify?

It shows that the application is unsure of the current state and information linked about the button. In Local Mode, the app will consider that the information is reliable 2 seconds after it has been last touched. In Global Mode, the rules are a bit more complex but the idea stays the same.

How do I use the audio player?

In version 1.0 of InfiniteX, the audio player interface is extremely simple.
Tap on an item to play the audio. Re-tap on it to pause it. Re-tap again to resume the audio. If you want to start the audio all over, tap on another audio to reset it.

How do I remove the rudder?

You can add or remove the rudder by tapping on the switch in the top right-hand corner.

Will the app release on iOS too?

As soon as I get a Mac so I can develop apps on iOS and finished learning Swift and the rest (should be way easier that Java and Android development) I will start developing the app on iOS.

I will keep you guys up to date :)

Where do I make feature requests for the app or ask support?

You can do it on this thread or you can send me a PM in this forum or send me an email:


Huge thanks to the Infinite Flight Airport Editing team for their work. It is thanks to them I was able to add gates information to the map!
Please give a round of virtual applause to the Infinite Flight team for their free to use APIs!
Also special thanks to @Cameron for his help!

If you are interested in Android development please visit this YouTube channel. His tutorials are great and he has a soothing German voice.

If you wish to contact me please send a PM via the forum.


InfiniteX is not affiliated with Infinite Flight.

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This is just some awesome work. I’d love to test that out!


Haha, my friend’s app !!! Just an awesome work ! 🎉🎉


This seems like an awesome application and I am happy to see another #thirdparty app being released to improve the IF experience. Sadly I do not own an android device to test it out on, so I can’t try it for myself. But Congratulations on the release, and Good Luck on future development!


I can’t use it 😥 I only use apple


I didn’t really understand what the app does… So what is it for? For controlling your flight with a device while using the other as a monitor? Pls. help

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The global mode seems to tell your aircraft what you want it to do without being near the other device. IE Flying a long haul flight while you are at work and your device is at home and you having the ability to change the altitude, speed, VS, or HDG of the aircraft as well as other features. At least that is what I am understanding from the announcement.


You should read the thread again because it says so. All the features are presented!

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Nice to see even more third-party applications being made, really enhances the stock IF experience. Nice work!


Probably another dumb question but why would you buy global? What is the use of it?


This is incredible work. People like you continue to make Infinite Flight sustainable as a grassroots company due to the sheer dedication of its members. Today’s online portfolio of complementary add-ons is looking more robust than ever.

Hope to see it on iOS someday. Will certainly pick it up if it happens.


If you have two devices, and you’re not home, you can check where you are and send commands to start the descent, or adjust the speed! It’s more for those moments when you really want to fly but don’t have time to go on a cruise for example!


Amazing job !! Congrats guys.
I’ll purchase it as soon as I can

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Just 4mb !!! OMG 😂 👏👏👏


Ah ok thanks


Really amazing work Avon, that you should be very proud of! Brilliant stuff! I’d give it a go if it came to iOS. Really a great catalog of third party apps that’s starting to grow at a rapid pace, which only makes Infinite Flight that much better!


Would 100% buy if this comes to iOS what a great full featured app!


This looks so cool but I don’t have android ☹️

So cool I might have to try it out. Looks like a ton of work was put in. love to see something like this in the community.

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This looks great! I’m definitely giving it a go.

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