InfiniteX - New 2D & 3D Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight [v1.0]


It is with great pride that I announce to the community the full release of InfiniteX v1.0.

InfiniteX aims to offer a suite of features to complete your experience with Infinite Flight. Version 1.0 establishes a strong baseline for future iterations of the application. InfiniteX is currently available directly on your favourite modern browsers on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

If you do not have the patience to read the rest of this long thread, you can visit the site directly by clicking the banner above or the link below :)


First things first, let’s start with the most noticeable feature. InfiniteX 1.0 focuses on giving you quick and reliable information on the status of Infinite Flight’s public servers. Flight trackers such as FlightRadar24 have traditionally used a 2D map from Google to display flights around the globe. However, in October 2017, Infinite Flight entered a new era with Global Flight, and the Earth is not flat (or is it haha).

To accurately display positions on a GLOBAL scale, using 3D is essential. From a pure developer’s perspective, it also gave me the perfect excuse to enter the world of 3D graphics on the web!

Additionally, InfiniteX allows you to spot any Infinite Flight staff (blue), moderators (purple) and even all IFATC members (green) regardless of their rank.

Flight positions are updated every ~30 seconds. Their intermediate coordinates are interpolated using a fancy mathematical formula that I had to derive myself (googling sometimes fails you :)), which is light enough to run smoothly on any modern device.

Note: After 15 minutes of inactivity, InfiniteX will terminate your session to save on resources.


Although 3D allows you to get a more accurate perspective of all the flights around the globe, you lose the “overview” perspective. At a minimum, you lose view of half of the planet. With InfiniteX, you do not have to make this concession.

X-Ray mode allows you to get an overview of all the flights on a given server. You can get an accurate picture of all the traffic and even view flight routes crossing large distances.

This unique feature is intended for the use case outlined above. Additionally to making the Earth transparent, the X-Ray mode will lock the scale of the aircraft “icons”. It is not intended to get a close-up view of the traffic on the ground.

Pro-tip: You can rapidly toggle X-Ray mode with the keyboard by pressing the spacebar key.


When a flight has been selected, the flight & user details are all in one single scrollable panel. Here is a list of all the data you can view :

Flight Information
  • Callsign
  • Aircraft Type
  • Livery
  • Aircraft Image
  • Ground Speed (in kn)
  • Altitude MSL (in ft)
  • Vertical Speed (in ft/min)
  • Origin/Destination Airport ICAO
  • Departure Time & Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Flight progress indicator
  • Flight plan as a list of navigational points
  • Altitude MSL chart (y-axis in ft)
  • Ground Speed chart (y-axis in kn)
User Information (not visible in the preview images below)
  • Username
  • User Title (Infinite Flight Staff / Moderator / IFATC with rank / Pilot)
  • Grade
  • XP
  • Virtual Group
  • Flight Time (in h & min)
  • ATC Operations
  • Landings
  • Total Violations
  • Violation Level 1/2/3 breakdown

Furthermore, several options are available in the flight/user panel, including one to download the flight route as a KML file. This is available for FREE. You can view the KML file on Google Earth’s website under the “projects” tab (with the marker icon).


Airports with at least ONE active ATC facility (including Center, which is not shown) are also selectable.
You can view the current active ATIS message with the status of the main ATC facilities (Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure).

In addition, you can jump to a particular flight if it was properly registered as a departure or an arrival by Infinite Flight.


This feature is self-explanatory. It is one of the first things you see when you pull up the Infinite Flight app!

It comes particularly handy when you want to plan a flight or have a quick look on your non-IF phone or when you are at work / in class and thinking about your next flight in the simulator.


InfiniteX has already got a lot of features available without ads for free, including search. You can get access to the full suite of what InfiniteX has to offer through the InfiniteX Plus subscription.

Pricing (tax included) :

  • $1.99 / month (Monthly)
  • $0.99 / month (Yearly - Billed $11.88 per year)

In addition to the extra features outlined below, you will help keep the website running & support future and exciting development!


The 3D map is excellent, but unfortunately, it lacks detail when you get up close. Sometimes you want to inspect the flights in the air and the traffic that is firm on the ground, especially during those busy weekend events! InfiniteX has got you covered.

The 2D map is full of extra information. Just like the 3D map, the flights are updated every ~30 seconds with smooth animations with all the custom colour icons. Here is a list of what the map can do extra vs the 3D map :

  • More precise land boundaries
  • Country & major cities names
  • ICAO codes of all +25 000 airports around the Earth
  • Buildings silhouette
  • Taxiways & names (data from OpenStreetMap)
  • Satellite imagery when closely zoomed in


The InfiniteX Plus subscription also gives you access to a multitude of live statistics for each server.
There are at this stage broken down into two parts, numerical & visual/chart statistics.

Numerical Statistics are all associated with these three metrics :

Live Statistics :

Numerical Line Chart Bar Chart Doughnut Chart
Flight Time (in h) Pilot count in the last 48H Top 10 - Departure Airports Top 10 - Aircraft Type
Landings - Top 10 - Arrival Airports Top 10 - Aircraft
Experience - Top 10 - Busiest Airports -
ATC Operations - Top 10 - Experience -
Violation Level 1 - Grade Distribution -
Violation Level 2 - Top 10 - Flight Time -
Violation Level 3 - Top 10 - ATC Operations -
Total Violations - Top 10 - Landing count -
- - Top 10 - Ground speed -


This project is using the Live API to pull data from Infinite Flight. Working with a REST API can be cumbersome and Infinite Flight exposes A LOT of data. This can distract you from what you want to build.

The code relating to all communications with the Infinite Flight Live API is open source and available directly as a library on Maven Central!

You check out the library via the link below :


It is now time for a few closing words.

I would like to firstly thank the Infinite Flight team and especially @Cameron and @KaiM for their work on the Live API. InfiniteX would not have been possible without their fantastic job behind the scenes. The general public often overlooks public APIs, but they play a crucial role in many of today’s services. Huge thank you!

I would also like to thank my unexpected neighbour I met in real life a few weeks ago @Robertine. He has taken > 90% of the images for the airports & aircraft. Shoutout as well to @Alexandre, he’s the best IFATC trainer there is! (no he didn’t bribe me :p)

Establishing a proper 1.0 version was the hardest part. InfiniteX has now got a solid foundation on which we can build new and exciting features more rapidly! If you want to keep the website running, and ad-free, access some cool extra features and support future development, please consider subscribing to InfiniteX Plus!

If you would like to submit a feature request you can post them below this post. For technical support, feel free to drop me a DM on the forum or send an email at

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read this long post.
I hope you will enjoy this brand new web application!

Avon FitzGerald


It’s Happening! 🎉


All jokes aside, I’m really happy this is being released. You put thousands of hours of hard work into this and it finally paid off. I had a great time working with you and I hope you feel the same.

Thank you very much to Cameron, Kai and everyone on the Infinite Flight team who made this possible ❤️!


Clearly, a brilliant project. I’m so happy for you Avon to see it uploaded, still! This one means lot of time and efforts, so well done mate.
Can’t wait to use it, promises to be such a fun tool!


Oh my god this project is AMAZING!!!


Congratulations on the release Avon! This is really nicely engineered website and one of the many reasons why we love the Infinite Flight community :)

Can’t wait to see what you build next!


this looks amazing ! Great job


Wow! This looks amazing!! I’m looking forward to trying it out on my next flight. Great work @A-FitzGerald


Looks good. I have bookmarked it!


This will definitely be successful for the future

Would very likely switch from Liveflight to this the next time I’m tracking my flight


Oh my god! This is absolutely AMAZINGGG!!


This is definitely next level!

Awesome work!!

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This is phenomenal!!! Subscribing this right noww


Very impressive! It’s surely THE next-generation flight tracker for IF!

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No. Way. Absolutely brilliant design. I honestly can’t wait to see what more you can do with that talent! Congrats on an awesome release!


This is an amazing piece of work! Well done and hope you get the publicity and reward you deserve

Going to have fun exploring this in more depth tonight…


Wow that’s awesome


This is honestly one of the best flight trackers out there! Congratulations on your release! I do have some feedback I’d like to give below!

  1. In my opinion, having city names be a subscription option, isn’t really a smart decision in my opinion.

That is pretty much all I got for you. Overall 9/10! I really like the site, it’s clean and neat! Above is only my really big complaint because then the map looks “bland.” Again, congratulations and looking forward to seeing this grow!


This is absolutely fantastic! Just tried it out and it looks pure and neat!

You did a wonderful job!



I am very impressed with this. Nicely done.


This looks really good! Great job on it @A-FitzGerald can’t wait to see more!

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