InfiniteInfo Violation Stats Incorrect

Hey guys!
I installed the InfiniteInfo tracking app a week or two ago, and I have loved it so far.
However, I noticed yesterday that in the statistics section where it shows a player’s latest violation, my statistics said the latest violation AND report were both on the 29th Dec (yesterday). I did do a flight on the 29th (I had to leave it without landing because I had to unexpectedly go somewhere), but I did not recall receiving any violation or report. To further prove this, I checked my violation history on the actual IF app, and once again, there was no violation on the 29th.

Now it is almost midday on the 30th, and I decided to reinstall the app to see if it would fix, and when I did, the latest violation and reports page on the app now said 30th Dec, even though I haven’t even done a flight today as of writing this post.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Note: The InfiniteInfo statistics and the IF app both still say I’m G5, even though a violation and report would have put me back to G3.

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Hi! I just noticed this the other day and I am going to try and fix it within the next hour or two!

Sorry about this, a format for the violation dates changed and the app won’t recognize it!


Oh all good, thanks!

@iplaygames I Just pushed an update to the server and checked on the app and I’m able to see your violation dates properly now. Some stats might take a few hours to fix, but I went ahead and refreshed yours.

Let me know if any problems arise, and thanks for bringing this issue to light!

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Yes it has been fixed on my end too, thank you so much!

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