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Introducing Infinite FMC!

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Available for both Desktop and Mobile!

What is Infinite FMC?

Infinite FMC provides Infinite Flight pilots with comprehensive flight speed data through a simple user interface. Using a number of inputs, the IFMC system calculates important v-speeds for take-off and landing procedures. Factors such as weight, flap setting, and wind direction/velocity all contribute to providing data you can count on.


Currently Available:

Under Active Development:

  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A350
  • Boeing B777

If your aircraft of choice is currently not on this list, feel free to request it!

Please understand that developing the platform and calculations takes time, and is largely dependent on the integrity of the current performance data available. My goal is to continue to add to the list of aircraft available, so you can expect more to come in the future. Your support of the platform obviously helps to make that happen.

What’s so great about V-speeds?

V-Speeds are essential to having a realistic experience flying in Infinite Flight. With the right flap settings and weights, v-speeds can provide you the exact speed for optimal performance of the aircraft.

Newer pilots within Infinite Flight often enjoy zipping around. I know I did. But as soon as it comes time to land the plane, its an intense guessing game of descent rate, maintaining glide slope, and maintaining speed. Well, Infinite FMC is here to make some of those unknowns a reality. With “to-the-knot” speed recommendations, you’ll be stunned at how well you can guide an Airbus A320 down for the greasiest of landings.

Not sure what all the various V-speeds are for?

Not to worry, we have a guide for that!

Flying is complicated. Let Infinite FMC guide you to better, more realistic flying experiences.

Be sure to check out our forum

The forum is the best way to share ideas and ask questions. As a community, you can help Infinite FMC to grow into something bigger and better.

Enjoy the app :)

From the ground up, the development of this platform has taken many late nights and lots of morning coffee. I am incredibly proud and excited to share this tool with the IFC. It also would not be possible without the help of the virtualBlue VA, who has been instrumental in testing data and squashing bugs. Big time shoutout to @FBWFTW!

Infinite FMC will be completely free until 3/31

I encourage you try everything out, see what we have to offer. And know that more is on the way. More planes… more features… more data. If you find the app/website to be useful, your support is greatly appreciated.

After 3/31, certain aircraft will be reserved for members only. For only a few dollars a month, you’ll have access to the entire library of planes.

Check out Infinite FMC today!



Been using this for quite some time now🙂
Thanks for the hard work, can’t wait for the heavies 😁


virtualBlue is proud to be powered by both IFMC and the In Flight Suite of apps by @epaga !


Wow, that looks nice! 😍

I’m always impressed when community members build something like that for others to use. It takes a lot of passion. Great job!!


Must’ve taken a lot of hard work, it looks incredible!

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Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully, you find it to be a useful tool :)

Please let me know if you have any additional feedback or run into any issues.

Aha! Now this is just what I need actually! This will help exponentially with my flights! Thanks for all of the hard work @dproctor!

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