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The CEO’s Message

At IFW, we aim to give you the best experience you won’t find anywhere else. One of our core aims is to maintain professionalism no matter what. Our excellent staff team are always working hard to make InfiniteFlyWings become one of the best VO choices out there.

We look forward to seeing you flying your own IFW callsign through the Infinite Flight skies soon.

- Harry (Founder/CEO)

About Us

Back in June of 2019, InfiniteFlyWings was founded by @Infiniteflightuk, and was just a small Instagram group that ran flights via Group Chats. In late June and Early July, a discord server was created for the current and new members. From here InfiniteFlyWings started to take off as a VO, reaching 20 members in 2 weeks. On the 15th of September, InfiniteFlyWings Military was brought back in and was to be opened to members on October 31st. On the 8th of December 2019, we received the message that InfiniteFlyWings was now IFVARB Approved.

Some more background info to know:
We currently have 41 members, 8 staff, 3 events a week and 2 featured flights a month. Members are free to fly whenever they like and with anyone else from the server, and doing so is simple as well. Our discord server is designed around making the best for everyone, its simple and easy to use, and we are always open for suggestions. If you have a problem at any time, a staff member should be with you as soon as possible. There are 2 possible ways to rank up, the first is flight time. You can gain flying hours with InfiniteFlyWings from every flight you do after you join, all you have to do is screenshot the Infinite Flight logbook and send it do a dedicated channel to have the hours counted every Monday. The second, is your activity within the server, each message sent in a minute gives you 15-20XP (spam is ignored). This is 100% bot controlled, and you can view your rank and XP at anytime. Both ways make InfiniteFlyWings more creative and more competitive.

discord Communication

InfiniteFlyWings has pilots all around the world, so communication is important, especially in group events. So we choose discord to be the app that supports our everyday flying and chatting. If you are planning on applying, this will definitely come in handy.

tick box Requirements

We don’t have many requirements, but there are some, and don’t worry if you don’t qualify, we take into account your behaviour, not just flying but in the community in general.

  • Infinite Flight Grade 3
  • 75 or less Violations
  • 200 or above landings
  • 100 Hours of flight time
  • 60,000xp or more
  • No more than 1 ATC Ghost in the past 12 Months

If you meet all these requirements, then feel free to apply (Apply form incudes Theory Test). After applying you will be sent an email within the next 48 Hours, with your results. Don’t worry, if you didn’t pass, you will still be given a second chance. You will be automatically entered into our Flight school to make sure that you pass next time.
If you do not meet the requirements, but you aren’t far off, you still may be accepted depending on a decision from the CEO and COO.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about us, we hope to see you soon flying the IFW Callsign.


This is a quite simple but nice thread. Good stuff!


I seriously suggest joining IFW I did and so far I’ve been having a great time, Harry is the nicest CEO I’ve ever had and you will enjoy his company too :)
The community is great ! Love how simple everything is and manageable, there is plenty of members there to help You too ! If you do join it will be an amazing experience and you will enjoy it.


Awwww 🥰🤩😆
Thanks lol


Great community! Always helps you no Mather what :) IFW297 M👀


Nice Thread , good work 👏

Having participated in several events , very accomodating to those in greater regions .

Wishing you all the best for 2020


Great thread! It’s in my opinion the best VO. Everybody is helpful, their events are awesome!


This is easily one of the best VO’s ever


You guys know that this repeats itself? I thought there was a glitch in the matrix for a second!

I am also extremely conscious that you are trying to represent a military division - if you need any information on that side of things, please feel free to reach out. Particularly in relation to your “Division 3/3rd Squadron”, whatever it’s called.


It does repeat, I think it’s because of the post owner change, it must have doubled over. i will remove it through editing, thank you so much for pointing it out 🙏🏻
It does seem like a glitch in the matrix 😅

The Military is a representation of what military would be like irl, we try to make it as close to RAF/USAF as possible, so that IFW/IFWM Members get to experience what it would be like. I’m always open for suggestions if there is any, and also some tips or tricks that have to do with making a military the best it could be.

Thanks again, Harry (CEO of IFW)


Well being real world RAF with my good friend @Asneed8706 being USAF, you wont find better help with your military efforts. We are both IFAEGAF commanders here, so please reach out if you need to.

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Bit of a late update, but 3 events a week has been updated to 4 events a week. And the 2 special events per month are now upped to 3; 1 long haul, 1 partnered event with OPG, and 1 themed!

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Couple of things:

  • First off, it’s a really nice thread, well done!
  • Please only use the provided IFVARB logo, it keeps everything uniform, and doesn’t confuse anyone.

Well done!


So glad to be part of this wonderful VO 🥰


Thank you!

it is… 🤔
You mean the IFVARB Approved one?

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Thank you! 😄

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Yep. The one that is provided by them

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So what’s wrong? (Sorry I’m a bit confused)


Please use the IFVARB approved logo that IFVARB provides, not one that has been edited or anything.

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It hasn’t been edited, it was taken directly from the one provided and put on there… what’s different?

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