InfiniteFly Alliance

So. I’ve launched the first official VA alliance of Infinite Flight. We offer the best services and joining is completely free. Our goal is to unite the large amount of VAs together. Any VA that wants to join, fill out the form below:

Infinite Alliance Joining Form

-Your IF community name:
-Your virtual Airline:
-Your VA’s website

There are many more Alliances… This isn’t the first one


ok. Maybe not the first.

Is this all?

What do you mean? Forgot to mention. Star VA is already in

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Is that all?

You can’t be serious.


You need to explain what you alliance strives for and what your alliances goals are. Add a detailed description. If I was to own a VA, I wouldn’t know what I’m signing up for because you revised very little if not no description or information what so ever.


For joining, go to our website:

There is already an alliance called Infinite Alliance. Make sure to check the Virtual Airline Database next time before creating an airline/alliance

how are you official? Are you sanctioned by FDS or the DEVs in someway?

if not then you are as official as the rest of us VA;s are, ie not!

good luck with it, however I think there already is a VA Alliance with the same name so please double check the database !


@David_Lockwood, I’ve checked and there’s no infinite alliance but your correct that we are not official.

It’s the second alliance, look under alliances

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There is, check the database again…

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Anyone want to join??

Please don’t advertise your alliance on someone else’s post.

It supposed to be an example of another VA, and to tell who is currently the biggest virtual alliance.


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