Infiniteflightusa’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey folks! As I prepare for my journey into IFATC I thought it’d be great to get some on the side feedback to progress more while doing training with my trainer. With that said, please give all the feedback you can to help me improve as I want to be as close to perfect as I can! The goal is to master the art of sequencing and the aspect of tower and ground frequencies.


Hey everyone i’m open at KBOI for an hour, stop by at any time! 😄

Unfortunately I can’t come today, please tag me when you are open! Good luck with your session :)


I’ll stop by in about 20 minutes!

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Sounds good.

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-Transition was a tad too high but you have the right idea! So we have the airport elevation at 2872 feet which rounds up to 2900 feet. We have to add 1500 feet to that to get the highest altitude someone will be in the pattern at and add 1000 feet to that to have minimum separation with the pattern altitude and aircraft doing the transition. That comes out to be 5400ft. We round that up always to the nearest 500 so your transition would be 5500. This trips up a lot of trainees so if you have any follow up questions let me know! And FYI you always round UP. You never round down to the nearest 500.

-On upwind when I requested a runway change with traffic right next to me on the runway to the right of me you should of given me an extend upwind command. I remain runway heading while the traffic just right of me turns for crosswind. When I have enough space to enter the right pattern for 28R you can tell me to turn crosswind and give me a pattern entry without any conflict in upwind since you are controlling when I make my turn to enter the right pattern.

Overall a very solid session indeed! Keep it up.

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Are you going to open back up soon? I’m able to fly some patterns now!

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