InfiniteFlightUpdates - 'Video Suggestions'

Hi guys,
So yesterday a mentioned my channel on here and it got a ton of support from you guys! Thank you so much!
So I thought, “why not see what they want?”, and so that is what I am here for!
Down below, comment what YOU’D like to see from InfiniteFlightUpdates and I’ll try to get round to making all of your ideas into videos!



Maybe, a subscribe back? jk

How about you make a channel trailer that other people can see what your channel is like?


That is something I’m considering but maybe once Im at 50 sub’s or something, as I’ll need videos and footage to put intp one.
And maybe I’ll susbcribe back when I find your account. YouTube’s been acting up and my sub’s haven’t been showing!😂

Yeah, I’m currently trying to make a trailer, with clips of videos for the next 2 months :)

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Not being rude but 10 subs is hardly amazing.


I know, but by sharing it on here it went from 3 to 10, and I got around 50+ more views combined. I just want to create a channel for the whole IF community to enjoy and get info from about the game :)

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Yuo have advertised the same thing on 3 different posts? Getting a little spammy now.

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I thought it was only two…oh well. I thought I had to create a new post each time I annocsomething. Sorry for the inconveniences

Post me a link of your channel and I’ll take a look at it😉

I’m thinking of deleting my current one, and starting a new one. ._.

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The well if that’s what you wanna do. But when you do, post a link to me on here and I’ll check it out😉

Yeah, I need to think of a name, any ideas?

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Eh, maybe.

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Where is the poll?

I’d like to see something about solo.

It was just an idea. I’m not forcing you to choose that name XD

Yeah, I made a topic on ideas for a name

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This is it. I was trying to find a way to add a poll but I couldn’t find one. So and requests are welcome at the bottom! ;)

If you go to the right of the minus sign when making a post, click the settings and it says Add Poll

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